Okay, no we don’t have Internet!


Darn it.

Went out again.

Not sure what to do at this point, just tired of calling and complaining and getting no where.  We’re done with them.  I’llbe calling them first of February to cancel and send them back all this junk.

In the meanwhile, it’s been a hard month with a lot of other priorities for our meager budget so we’ll have to wait a bit longer to have the cash for the new service and all the installation and up front costs.  Hopefully not too long!

We’ve been internet gypsies for the last 6 weeks, another fortnight won’t kill us!

And in the meanwhile, we’ve been working hard on our new farm website and all our products to offer, so soon… we’ll be showing it off and it’s sure purdy…  if I don’t say so myself!

Jessy is working on all the product photography and wow… nice…

So, sorry to be out of the loop a bit.   We have been posting a bit more on our Facebook page, just because it’s quick and we can do so with our mobile devices…  I’ll try and get a few posts together and up here because we’ve still been doing stuff even without the net!  In fact, we’ve been doing a lot more… haha… which sort of makes me think that not having the net at the farm is not so terrible a thing…

But, man, I sure miss Pinterest!   :-)

And of course, all you guys!!!!!   Soon… sooooooon…..

Just a little peek at some of Jessy’s beauty shots!  Man, she can sure make soap look good!!!


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  1. Sherri, I’ve been doing some research on Hughesnet and their practices. Be sure to block them from getting any direct access to your checking accounts or credit card accounts. Some people say they have withdrawn monies from their accounts without being notified or giving their approval.