Yes, hard to believe, but the Internet Fairies have finally found our little homestead and have actually gotten everything to finally work!

Turns out the new modem they shipped did not work.  Sweet.

So the wonderful young man managed to get the old one to work by swapping the power supplies and such and we have the net for now.

I’m not holding my breath at all…  but it is good to get a decent amount of net surfing in today.  All of us were surfing and clicking like crack mommas, it was sad.  But happy!

We’ll be trying to get caught up and on track again with our various projects and such.  I can’t believe we made it through a WHOLE MONTH of getting our internet on the run.  Free Wifi is great but still hard when you live rurally!  Our nearest free wifi spot was a 30 mile round trip!  We would go out to our wonderful neighbors and use their net as well, but still, it’s so nice to be able to surf and post and check email in your jammies!  Especially tonight when the weather is brutally cold!

Stay with us as we get our feet back underneath us!  And stay warm, folks…  I missed you all and hope to get back on track soon!!!   My email folder alone had over 100 messages to deal with.  I’m down to 45 and it’s 3 am and I just gotta go to bed.

Happy internet connected gals here at Windhaven for sure.  We learned a lot about how we depend on the net and use it and I hope that we will be more accepting of the fact that we can spend a little too much time putzing and surfing when we could be creating!

Just glad to be back… will be catching up soon!

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WE HAVE INTERNET!!!!! — 2 Comments

  1. Hi Sherri…so nice to have you back on line! I’ve been thinking about you girls and wondering how you’re coping with the bitter cold. Is your house bearable? I’m sure the animals at WindHaven Farm are well taken care of.
    Cook something warm and hearty today and keep yours toes warm! (:
    hugs, stef

  2. Yippee!!!!

    Congrats for coming out of that horrid ordeal in one piece Sherri!
    Your Fans in NW IL,
    Suzanne & Kevin