Happy Thanksgiving, y’all!!!

The one that got away….  


Happy Thanksgiving to all our American readers…  here at the homestead, we are cooking our lovely brined turkey today, and the house smells lovely!  We made an apple pie and our famous Hillbilly Truffles as well as trying a recipe for this salted carmel chocolate pretzel bark stuff that was an utter failure!  (gg)  Way to go Pinterest!!!  Haha…  We’ll be making homemade mashed potatoes and creamed corn casserole…  stuffing of course and my favorite…. green bean casserole!   We’re having our first Thanksgiving here at our home in years!    Being that it’s just the three of us, we always seem to get adopted at Thanksgiving, which is so nice, but we really wanted to have one here, at Windhaven.  Our home.  It’s important to us.  Perhaps someday we’ll have more guests, we have invited folks but everyone seems to have a place and that’s wonderful.  Our family is small, and distant, so well, that is the way it goes.  Someday!

As you can see…. WE HAVE INTERNET!!!   Yah!!!!

It only took 6 days for them to resolve our problems.  Talk about speedy!  whoooooeeeeee!  You’d think we lived in Upper Lower Slobibia or something.  I won’t even go into the whole adventure with the super crappy service that we have gotten from Hughes.Net.   Never never never use these people.  They need to have their mommas slap them up side the head for being such a bad company.  Nuff’ said.

I hope your day is wonderful and you have a lovely meal and can count your blessings and enjoy your loved ones!  I know we are thankful and blessed and it’s never so apparent on such a beautiful day we are having.  It’s so nice here, the grass is growing again!  it’s all lovely and green, flush like spring!   And why not?  It’s supposed to hit 60 degrees today!!!   Nearly the end of November!!!   How much more blessed can it get???



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Happy Thanksgiving, y’all!!! — 2 Comments

  1. Happy Thanksgiving to you and your girls. My two kids are grown and this is the first time in about six years that both will be home for Thanksgiving. My son, his wife, and three kids and my daughter, her husband, and her three kids are home for the holiday. Like you, I made some old favorites and tried a couple of new dishes. Last night, while all the grandkids were underfoot, I made the last of the pies–a double crusted chocolate pie. Of course, I had already made a pecan pie, and a chocolate cream pie. So, now I am waiting on the turkey to cook. I hope this time next year, I will at least be eating something that we raised our self.
    Have a happy day.

  2. Dear Sherri, wishing you and your lovely daughters a wonderful Thanksgiving on the farm. God bless you, and thank you for sharing your journey with us. Hugs and enjoy your awesome turkey! stef