Amish Weekend…

Oh my gosh!   I got on!

If you have been wondering what is up… well…  my internet has been behaving mucho mucho badly!   Bad   I can not tell you how excited I am that there is a new cable network coming into our area soon, there are trucks all 0ver and advertisements to sign up for their satellite version until the cable is done….  we do the happy dance every time we see them because we know that someday, soon, we might actually get decent internet!!!

All weekend long, really since last week’s end, we have had on and off internet.  It will work for a little bit, connect to a few sites but nothing big, like forget about Facebook or the bank site or anything you really want to use.  Keeps saying it can’t find the server or that we are not connected to the internet.

Some sites will come up at first and then if you try to navigate within the site, it hangs up.

We’ve restarted and started and unplugged and all that… and it’s every device in the house…. 4 different computers and 2 iTouchs…. nothing.

And then to make it even more delightful… I finally called in to see what might be up and they played a message that said they were busy and to call back later and then they hung up.


And then my phone wasn’t working right either!!!  Ah!   Jessy said I was radiating some sort of anti-technology field and I believe she might have been correct!  haha….  So, I decided if we were going to be Amish, we would enjoy the nice weather and go outside and work on the farm!   It was in the high 50’s Saturday and Sunday.   So we went out and lit a big fire in our new and improved fire pit.

Our plan Saturday was to go and move Gideon and the ladies from the weed patch pasture, and clean it up a bit.  You see, since they have been in there full time for the last couple weeks, they have nibbled down most all of the weeds!  And they exposed a whole bunch of trash!  At first I could not believe it, and thought, where has all this trash come from.   But as we were out there picking it up, I discovered newspapers from 1969!!!  Honest!  And old packaging wrapped and tin cans and such!  Apparently this stuff had been trapped in the weeds for YEARS and YEARS!   I could not believe that the newspapers had survived so long outside.  We picked up metal and glass and trash, it was unbelievable.  Thank goodness none of the sheepies were hurt from this all, they are pretty good at staying away from junk on the ground.  I gave them all a good foot check to make sure.  We also picked up fallen limbs and just gave the whole place a tidy up.

We also gathered up about 20 good cement blocks and trotted them out to our fire pit.   We wanted to expand it a bit, and make the layer of blocks two high so that we could burn larger tree trimmings and junk wood and such that we have been accumulating like mad!  With so many trees, we are always picking up branches and dead wood.  My goal is to eventually get a little wood burning stove for the house but that might have to wait a bit…. have you seen the cost of stove pipe???  Oh my gosh!  It’s like gold!  Crazy!

But I digress.   Our new Firehenge 2.0 is awesome…  we dug out the pit a bit, and placed the blocks so that the holes are on the side.   It makes the coolest look in the dark as you can peek through the holes to the fire and it also casts out light as well!   It looks like a homeschooler’s model of the Roman Colliseum on fire!  We thought it was pretty keen.

We made a big fire each afternoon and evening and burned a bunch of leftover leaves and branches, just tidying up the yard a bit more and enjoying the warmth of the burn.  We had marshmellows and hot dogs one evening, sitting around and enjoying the ritual.

I am happy to report that we finally caught a little bit of the sheep hanky panky going on and I believe we will have lambs come spring!  Yah!!!!  Everything we read said that it’s hard to actually catch them in the act of making more sheepies, but well, apparently Gideon and Momma Noel are not the shy types when it comes to professing their undying fondness.  It was probably the cleaned up pasture and the romantic fire ring.  Yeah, that’s probably it.  Afterwards, he was in hot pursuit of Holly and Ivy, but they were both leading him on a merry chase without any clear cut action.  Must be still in the flirting stage.

We’ll find out in April!   Hopefully….  that would be so cool.  Can’t wait!

Well, just wanted to try and get a post up here so folks won’t worry.  Hopefully, they will get it all untangled and resolved soon…  just can’t wait until our contract is up in February….  wow…. two years!  Yah!!!   We are SO jumping ship….   Can not wait.  Will be going over to the neighbors with the laptop to check on bank accounts and facebook in the morning.  And we’ll be in Toledo Tuesday, so I’ll bring the laptop in and use real people internet then, as well.

Okay.  Wish me luck.  Going to try and send this post up!!!

Hope your weekend was wonderful!!!   Leave me a post and say hello!   I miss you all!!!!   Dad!  We’re still alive!!!!   I’ll try and give you a call soon!!!!

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Amish Weekend… — 2 Comments

  1. I’m still waiting for my fast internet. Our neighbors have it but they won’t run it to our house. Grrrrr. I will be jealous if you get it.:)

  2. I hear ya on the Internet thing. The fastest thing ….(not fast at all) was Verizon. It is a 50.00 per month joke, but all we have. We hear tale of the Electric company getting some sort of grant to bring high speed to our area for a reasonable fee. I am so excited to hopfully be joining the rest of the free world some day soon. Been fighting with mine for the last 2 days also. Can’t keep mine connected or as you say it freezes up. Glad to know you all are ok and doing good. Hope you all have a wonderful Thanksgiving.
    Your Friend,