New Raised Beds!

With all that good cheap wood we bought on Craig’s List a while back, I had enough left over to make two nice big raised beds for the garden!  I cut some of the freebie 4 x 4s as corner posts and then cut one of the 10 foot boards into thirds to make the beds 10 foot by 3 and a half…  A nice size!

I was going to just make them 3 boards high, which would have been about 12 inches, but then, it just seemed a little too short.  So I made them 4 boards high or 16 inches tall.  Perfect!



Jessy was my helper kid for this build.  She’s getting really good with a hammer, I must say.  She’s getting the knack. It’s hard for her, because she’s a lefty.  She tries to do some things with her right but it’s just not comfortable for her.  But hammering doesn’t seem to be bad either way for her, and she’s getting much better at it!

They are simple to build, just a nice long box.  I find that nailing the boards into a post works much better than trying to nail them to each other.  It’s much more stable and sturdy that way.  As you can see, my free corner posts are a little different in sizes, but that’s okay.  We tried to match them up a bit, just because.  We will be filling the bottoms of these with leaves and farm compost!


Each box only cost us $10.  I plan to build at least 4 more, maybe 6.  I know some folks might think, why build boxes, and why not just farm the ground.  Well.  We tried that.  And it was hard and just well, hard.  This area here tends to flood a bit in the spring time, so the ground gets wet and then super hard as it dries up.  We had it tilled once and it was just a fight all the way.  I like raised beds because they are easier to care for and don’t wear out your back bending over.  Since I’m the primary gardener of the family, I wanted it to be comfortable for me!  And I’ve noticed too, that the chickens don’t mess with the stuff in the boxes as much as things on their level.  Even the sheep pretty much ignored the boxes until Holly happened to realize there were some peas growing in one!  The turkeys, of course, were another story and they decimated my pepper crop this year, but well, we won’t be doing turkeys again!  Certainly not free range ones!

I like how they look, too, just sort of neat and tidy in their rows.  And they will eventually rot away, I know this, but in the meanwhile, we’re building up a nice high bed of good farm dirt and compost and such.  We may replace those that fade away, or not, just not sure yet.  But I do know that $10 for a nice big sturdy bed is a steal!  And I love the look of them!  I’m hoping to give them all a coat of farm paint, just to help keep them around a little longer.  And to make them festive and fun to look at!  Can’t wait to start planning the spring garden!  We are going to really have a great one this year!  We are READY!!!


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