Two New Doorways Remodeled!

Our neighbor Jr, has become our doorway saint the last week or so!

He came upon this lovely used glass porch storm door and it fit PERFECTLY!  Oh my gosh…  and he and his son Jeremy came down to install it.  I can not tell you how wonderful it is.  Before, we had to go through the west door, and then out to the courtyard fence and go through the fence all the time.  Now we can walk straight back out this door to the middle yard. No more “having” to use the courtyard fence gate!  That’s huge when you are carrying feed or eggs or heck, just saves that old weary gate from being used all the time.  Now we have three functioning doors in the screen porch!  yeah!!!   Next spring we are planning to take all the old screen off, the plastic, remove all 27 million nails and staples on the wood frames…  sand and paint and do new heavy duty screening.  Whew.  That sounds like a lot of work.  It will be!  But then it will be so lovely in there!

But for now, we are so thankful for the lovely found gift!!!!



And to make his journey complete… Jr. put up the first door trim in the whole Windhaven estate!!!  Yes, our kitchen door now has proper nice trim.  I’ve had the trim kit for about a month or three now and just was afraid to get it put up there.  But doesn’t it just look so lovely???   I keep looking at it and just stand there with a big smile on my face.  Goll Dern It… it’s beautiful!  We have another doorway like this, leading into the dining room and I’m hoping that I can get a kit in the next week or two and get that one put up too, now that I see how nice it looks.

After that, we only have, oh…  11 more doors to finish!

Darn those folks that took ALLLLLLLLL the wood trim off every single door and window in this house.  Every single one!  (Oh, sorry folks that did that.  I imagine you had a plan at some point and well, it just didn’t come through right.  Probably had something to do with loosing the house.  I forgive you.  Honest. )

Besides, it will be fun to slowly work through the house and earn a doorway at a time to oooh and ahhh at as they get finished.  Eventually.  The pretty stuff is not as important a priority through the homestead, as say, heat and fencing, but still, it is nice to see a little spit and polish come through and see how nice the place will look eventually!!!!


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Two New Doorways Remodeled! — 1 Comment

  1. How wonderful for you. Your place just keeps looking nicer and nicer. I watched your 1 year retrospective vid and even though I’ve been following your progress all along, it’s really amazing to see all you have accomplished! (:
    p.s. Your mud room re do is great. I love ‘a place for everything and everything in its place’, if possible.