Our Wedding Vacation…

We haven’t really  been on a vacation in a long time, so when the chance came up to go to a friend’s wedding about 4 hours away, we were happy to have a great excuse to get away for a little bit.  When you have a farm load of animals, even a little farm, it’s hard to just wander off for a while.  Thankfully, we have our wonderful neighbors to step in and babysit the crew for a day or two for us.  We only stayed over night, but two days and a night away was more than we’ve had in a while, and it was nice.

You couldn’t have asked for nicer weather!  All the way up it was beautiful blue skies with white big puffy clouds!  We had a teeny bit of rain for like two minutes and that was that.  Once we got to their family lake and the hay fields around it, it was stunning and beautiful.  Just warm and sunshiny!


This little cowboy was getting all ready for the show.  It was a cute country theme, since, they are all pretty much farmers up there, and it was fun to see all they had planned for the event.  I tell you, weddings are getting to be just about anything goes these days!  I love it.  Lots of creative touches and special ways to make the event special and memorable.


The nice big sweeping vista of the freshly cut hay field was pretty.  Loved the sunflower arch and the straw bales for seats.


We were pretty close and got a good glimpse of the whole cerimony, but I didn’t take too many pictures during because everyone else was!  (gg)  Still, Brianna and Isaac were lovely in their finery.  Everyone looked so nice and pretty.


Brianna’s gown was very pretty and I loved her bridesmaids in their cute purple dresses and cowboy boots!  Very cute.


These three little girls in blond curls were all so cute!  Running about in their little boots and such.


My two youngins were all smiles and happy too.  We were ready to enjoy the day with our friends!


Since Blue was on the cahoots…  Steve loaned us his truck.  It was nice to have a newer vehicle to get up north, and not have to worry about our old lady.  Blue is fixed, she had a new fuel pump and filter put on, and new spark plugs and wires and a good go over done.  But she is 15 years old and well, 500 miles in a weekend might have been a little rough on her.  It was sure nice of Steve to loan us his wheels for the trip.  He knew it was very important to us all.  We have bee friends with Brianna and her family for nearly 17 years!!!


Since Isaac’s family are sheep farmers, there were a lot of cute sheep themes going on.   Brianna’s family are dairy farmers!  They had a cute part of the ceremony where they tied together pieces of rope from each farm in a big knot.  Very cute!    These cupcakes and cake were pretty cute too!


Loved the table decorations, burlap runners with beautiful blue Ball jars filled with sunflowers and zinnias!  My favorite flowers!!!  How ever did Brianna know that?  How sweet of her to think of me on her special day!!!!


While the wedding party was getting their photos done of the day, we had a little layover at the hall, so the girls were being silly and doodling in Maggie’s sketch book.  Being out of town guests, we didn’t know a whole lot of everyone, but hey, didn’t matter, we were there for Brianna and Isaac!  We met lots of fun people and got to talk a lot of farm stuff!  Haha…. that was fun.


There was such a beautiful sunset and cloud formation display that evening!  Pretty neat…

We slept over at Donna and Brian’s home, Brianna’s folks and our long time friends…  that was nice, they were so busy during the wedding and all, it was nice to have a little time afterwards to relax and visit with them.  We planned to take off around noon or so, so that we could be home for evening chores.


Of course, Sunday morning, we got up and had to get the tour of their critters!  These cute little banties were adorable!  Dani says they are all roosters though!   Darn!  Love roos, but too many can be a challenge!!!

They have bunnies and a lot of goats too!  All adorable little critters!  Loved the angora goat…  such beautiful fiber!


And all bottle babies and just friendly as all get out.


Maggie made friends with their little mille fluer banty hen…. she was very friendly and adorable.


The goaties are enjoying their breakfast!


And their flock of chickens as well!  Breakfast!!!

Well on the way home we stopped at Uncle John’s Cider Mill in St. Johns Michigan….  that was fun!  Crowded but fun.  Got some super good cider and some fudge…  and grabbed a fancy loaf of cherry nut bread to thank our friends for watching the farm for us.  We also had lunch in Lansing and that was nice.  Just a beautiful weekend for sure.  Nice and relaxing.  We were sure glad to get home though, we are homebodies for sure, and everyone was happy to see us!  Cody Pony was so silly and neighing when we pulled up and so were the sheep.  It’s nice to be missed!  Evee and Ratchet were so wiggly, oh my goodness!  The dogs were pretty sure we had abandoned them!

All in all, a very nice weekend and a lovely wedding and visit!  We wish Brianna and Isaac all the very best luck and good wishes in the world on their new journey in life!!!



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