It’s RAINING!!!!

We have FINALLY gotten some decent rain….  it’s been raining on and off today nice and steady like!!!  Right now, it’s pouring nicely and should keep up for the next couple hours or so.

Everyone has been outside, enjoying the rain, just wandering about and enjoying the light rain.

I think this is really going to help out a LOT!!!!!!



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It’s RAINING!!!! — 2 Comments

  1. Sure wisj it wuld have dumped some on us, we got all of about 20 drops again….seriously. Some towns got up to 1/2…..not us. nope, I am convinced it is never gonna rain here again. On a brighter note, we haven’t had to mow the yard in over 2 months now, that has been nice. It is some what cooler here today, 98 and a very nice breeze, it was a very pleshant 80 degress this morning along with that breeze, it was heavenly while it lasted.

  2. Sherri—– Yipppppeeee!!!!

    I hope you are DANCIN’ IN THE RAIN!! (so long as there is no threat of lightening, I think you are same)

    I’m dancin’ in your middle yard in my mind!

    Your Drippy Fan in NW IL,
    Suzanne in NW Illinois @ whycuzican