Carolyn did it!!

Our very first broody hen Miss Carolyn has successfully hatched out two little sweet chickies!!!  She has two more eggs, but we’re not sure if they will hatch, but we’re hopeful.

It was just so darn neat to sit out there in the barn and watch her mother those little chicks.  She has this delightful little noise that she makes to call them and another to show them where to pick at the food.  And she has another noise  to warn other hens to back away from her little babies.  She is one very protective little lady!

To make them safer, we moved the little family to an empty brooder for a while.  The barnyard is a busy place and we don’t want anything happening to our little first chickies!

We’re just so excited!  It’s so cool…   hope the other two hatch.  That will be awesome!

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Carolyn did it!! — 2 Comments

  1. Bless her heart, she really did it. She is such a beautiful unique color. I am looking forward to when my new crop of hens go broody. I ordered 2 Buffs, just for this purpose, they always seem to want to hatch babies. Congrats.

  2. Shuck, how sweet!

    Thanks for the wonderful news and darlin’ pix, Sherri :)

    Your Fan,
    Suzanne in NW Illinois @whycuzican