Little Swallows…

The sheep barn was host to a family of barn swallows for awhile… they were so cute. They were getting bigger and bigger, their parents were working so hard to feed these cute little fellows. Everytime you would walk in the barn, if you stayed quiet and to the side, you could watch the parents swoop in and bring all manner of little bugs and such to the babies. And the babies were getting braver and braver. They would all perch on the side of the little mud nest and wait to see who might snatch the best treat from their fly by meal delivery service.

Jessy and I watched the babies on their solo flights, out by the big barn. It was a sight to see. They were flying all over in little random patterns, swooping and diving for fun in the sunshine. They were all over the place, yet staying in a tight little pattern. Some nearly hit poles and bushes, you could tell they were just learning. And finally, they wore themselves out, and just lit on the middle yard fence, looking around and chatting with each other.

Now, they’re gone. I wouldn’t be surprised if the parents make another clutch of eggs in a few weeks, and raise another little family under the old wood eaves. And that’s just fine with us. They are beautiful little creatures for sure.

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