Just got home from a night at the emergency room. Endured about 12+ hours of pretty intense pain in my stomach, was beginning to think something was really wrong. My wonderful friend Miss Julia took me in when I finally admitted to myself that something was not right. They gave me morphine to cut the pain and an IV with fluids because I was dehydrated… and ran some blood tests and such to see what might be up.

Suspected it might be my gall bladder finally acting the fool, but turns out, nope, everything was fine there. Some sort of gastrointestinal virus was causing the pain and other symptoms. Should pass in a day or two, they gave me some nausea and pain meds for that.

But then the Doctor had to drop the heavy news. He’s pretty sure I have diabetes.

Wow. Okay. Hmmmm. Still kinda trying to wrap my noodle around it all. Funny, I gave up pop three days ago, and have been working on getting my diet in order. Even ordered a juicer a few days ago… guess it’s time to learn how to use it.

Not really sure what is the next step, but he suggested I follow up with my regular doctor and get a firm diagnosis.

Aside from just the normal stuff everyone knows about diabetes, I really don’t know a whole lot on the care, the life expectancy, the issues and results of such a thing. Kinda scarey for sure. Still kinda just thinking about it all, guess it’s time for some serious life changes, goals and thinking. And praying, of course.

Lots of praying.

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  1. Please visit your doctor, and perhaps there is a local class which will help you with diet and other issues related to diabetes. This is certainly something you can live with, but proactive changes in your lifestyle and eating habits will help much. As tough as you are, this managing this is a piece of cake.

    Glad it wasn’t gall bladder, that saves a surgery!

    • Thanks Pam! Yeah, been a bit of a rough day, still feeling puny from the virus but then having all the emotional rollercoaster of that big diagnosis… not a super fun day. I know it’s not the end of the world, but it’s a big elephant in the room thats hard to ignore. Mostly just fear of the unknown, and just not being that clear on what to do and all. Spent some awake time surfing the ADA site, lots of good information there. I hope you’re right and I’m tough enough to make this a blip in the road. Not feeling particularly tough at the moment, but hoping a few more sleeps will help with that…. (gg) Yes, I am glad no surgery, but then he did say, there’s a possibility that it had flaired up a but earlier in the day and had not helped… but that at that time, it didn’t seem to be the main issue at all. SO I’m glad about that…

  2. I’m sorry, I’m sure that was a shock to hear.

    If you do get confirmed (and it’s not virus related stuff throwing everything out of whack) then ask if you can be referred to a nutritionist. I care for DH’s grandmother (diabetic). She’s now dietary controlled where she was on several meds at first. Having the food knowledge is HUGE.

    Being dietary controlled isn’t possible for everyone, but following the diet changes will make a big difference in how you feel, how it progresses and related medical issues, so it’s important info to get.

    I’ll be praying.

    • Thank you…. I’m feeling a tad bit better this evening and trying to just be positive and know that this is a good wake up call. Hoping to fine a doctor locally and get started on a positive confirmation first and then see what might be done… Thanks so much for the support and wise words!!!

  3. {{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{hugs}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}

    Go back to doc after you are done being sick and get an A1C test.

    Hubby got a type2 dx awhile back too. He ignored the ADA rec’s (their cookbooks still have sugar and white flour in them *insert roll eyes*… I mean seriously I wonder if the American Diabetes Association is trying to kill people and not actually help them!) and went lower carb (no liquid sugar -aka- soda pop, no sugar/no flour/no white rice/no potatoes/candy/etc… and he worked on losing alot of weight. Once he stopped eating “crud” and lost weight his numbers went back to being “normal non diabetic”. When he gains weight or starts eating all the flour/sugar crud they go back to being type2 numbers.


    • Thanks, I will…. just trying to figure out the whole no insurance thing… but I found a health center not too far away that has a nice sliding scale for folks like me and I think that might work out. Printed out all the forms and will give them a call in the morning…

  4. Oh and I have been in the ER about once a year or two with a bad virus that made me feel like I was dying too! Especially when they set off an anxiety attack that mimics a heart attack and asthma attack on top of the dying feeling. NO fun at all!!!!! {{{{{{{BIG HUGS}}}}}}}

    • I was so worried after about 12 hours of constant pain, just felt terrible, all the nasty symptoms of flu, but just a lot of pain. I was surprised when the Doctor said morphine, but was I sure happy for it, and it worked… He said, like you said, that a bad gut virus can really make you painful throughout… I’m feeling a wee bit better today, seems every couple hours I can sleep, I wake up feeling a bit better….

  5. You can order an A1C and get a blood glucose test done outside of your doc at a “pay out of pocket” type lab. No insurance or refferals required. Not sure how close you are to one but here are two popular good ones:

    My fav we have used:

    Never used but have seen them in several states:

    A sliding scale clinic would bew awesome! Type2 does not automatically = meds as long as you are willing to make real changes. And ignore most of what the ADA and most diabetic cookbooks tell you to eat. I actually saw a white flour pancake recipe with real chocolate syrup in a diabetic cookbook! *insert stunned face*

    Nourishing Tradtions is a good book to have about healing with food and eating traditionally. No propaganda or a diet plan in it.

  6. Oh my. I hope you feel better. I had to spend a year not eating sugars for the most part, fatty foods, and caffeine due to an angry stomach, but after awhile you feel a whole lot better and you don’t want to go back to eating all those terrible foods. (Okay that’s kinda a lie, I really enjoy caffeine but I lost my taste for junk food by god.) Anyway, get well soon!

  7. OK, don’t freak. Definitely get to your doctor, but in the meantime, i’d start drinking lots of water. Eat high fiber fruits, I eat TONS of apples. Lot’s of veggies (all colors!), and try to cut back on carbs, as that turns into sugar. Don’t tgo too crazy with your juicer for fruit juices yet, as they are so high in sugar. For sweets, I rely alot on sugar free (SF) pudding and jello. It’s pretty inexpensive, compared with other SF treats! Don’t overwhelm yourself….baby steps are great at this point!

  8. Diabetes is not as bad as you would think. I was diagnosed with TYPE II about 3-1/2 years ago. You will have to see a doctor on a regular basis (every 3 to 4 months)to keep track of your A1C (the average of glucose in your blood over a three month period). The goal is to keep your blood glucose (sugar) level and not spike up and down. Between 6.5 and 7.0 is the level most doctors strive for. Buy a few packets of glucose tablets at Wal-Mart and keep them within reach at all times. Whenever your blood sugar gets to low, your brain is not working at its best and you don’t think clearly. So, you need the sugar tablets (usually two) to get your blood glucose up fast. I have never had a problem with my sugar being to high so I am not as familiar with highs as I am with lows. You feel so drained after a low that you learn very quickly to eat correctly. When your sugar gets to low, you eat, problem solved. Diabetes can affect so many parts of your body that you do have to take better care of yourself. However, it is not as scary as when first diagnosed. You learn to calm down and it is really not that much of a life change except having to prick your finger for a blood test three times a day or so. Test strips for the blood is terribly expensive but you work it into your budget just like electricity and the other essentials. The hint that proved most useful to me – after being diagnosed, if you feel out-of-sorts, weird, or whatever, the first thing you do is test your sugar level.
    Hang in there. You have lots of people right along with you.

    • Thanks so much… it’s been so nice, so many people are sharing with me that they have it or a loved one does and how to deal with it. I’ve been reading a bunch and trying to get over the initial worry and fear of the diagnosis… feeling much better over all, and ready to get a test and make sure….

  9. When I bought this house I now live in..last year, it had been setting for about 6 mths. This was the first time I ever had a well for water.

    The home inspector told me that it was required that I had the well checked for bacteria..and whatever a water company..and if necessary bleach would be put into it. I don’t know the details about the bleach..thinking too much could be dangerous. ..As it turns DID need to be “treated” ..the sellers paid for it..think about 50 bucks? I just buy gallons of water at the dollar store for a buck for drinking. I don’t like the taste of the well. it got sick from the well water? It was a thought..and I thought I mention it..get better soon. :)

    • Thanks, I suppose it’s possible, but we did have it treated and then we didn’t drink from it for 2 weeks. It’s been a little while since it was fixed. I’m just not sure where I might have gotten this bug but it was bad! So far just me, not the girls, thank goodness. I’m finally starting to feel a little more normal… can’t wait to feel right again for sure!!!!