ER – Round 2…

Well, my goodness… what a day, what a week!

I THOUGHT i was feeling better this morning, woke up, started to putz on the computer a bit, handle some email, even had a little breakfast, a good one, a pair of eggs and a half a tortilla, nice big glass of water… and then about oh, nine in the morning, started to feel a little weird. Just not right. And of course, it escalated to the point that by 11 or so, I was just in dreadful pain again, sweats, just ready to have any relief at any cost. Downed a bunch of motrin and called Miss Julia, my angel, and she came over and she and Jessy decided for me, I needed to go back to the ER. I was a mess.

Thankfully, it was not AS bad as Monday, but it was not good and they decided to run a cat scan on me. The iodine flush was a little weird to say the least but thankfully they had given me more pain killers so I was not in too much agony while they poked and prodded and did their best to discourage me from EVER wanting to be in an ER room again! (do you think they do that on purpose? Haha… ahem) Then sit around and wait, chatting with Julia was nice, and finally the doctor comes in and says, hey, guess what? It’s not your gallbladder, that’s fine. So are your kidneys and everything else, no lumps, bumps or tumors, everything is nice BUT… you have endometriosis. That is what is causing all this pain! Oh…. lovely!

Well, that answers a lot of questions and of course opens up more.. he was happy to report that my blood sugar was down to 270, which is better, still, needing a followup and all that, but I was happy to hear that. I was actually VERY VERY relieved that they did a whole scan of my whole tummy and all, and that he said everything looked great, other than the uterus issue there. Sent me home with more narcotics and another thing to follow up with my family doc. The good stuff they gave me through the IV really made the rest of the day peachy keen.

Wow… this has been one of those weeks! Let me tell you. Thank goodness we have had just dreadful high heat, so I didn’t have anything planned as projects, just knew we would be laying low, doing some in house work for clients, orders and such. My dear daughters have been SO wonderful… like I knew they would, they have stepped up to the table and have taken care of things like pros. Maggie has been so good keeping up with the animals and the heat, checking their water and making sure everyone had cool places to rest. She even kept my garden watered for me! So sweet… Jessy has been my nurse for the last couple days, making me broth and fetching me drinks, making dinner for everyone, and just managing the household part. They really do have it under control. Each has their area and they are so cooperative!!! Oh and Miss Julia! She’s been such a sweetheart, driving me in each time and staying up so late on Monday night, just being so wonderful, she just doesn’t know how much I needed that!

Well, thankfully, my client workload has been very low for the last week or so, that is a blessing. I would hate to have put anyone out when they needed me. And Jessy has all the orders caught up and everything on task. We are hosting our monthly Homesteading group swap on Sunday, and I am hoping that I will feel just lovely by then. I should. If not, the girls will do a fine job of setting up (it’s just a few tables and chairs, that kind of thing) and I will just sit in the shade and visit with folks! Works for me.

Laying in bed and worrying all week, knowing something more was up and just not sure what, that is a lonesome feeling. Really made me think a lot about life and the way I want to live and be. Looking at that big scary thing… diabetes…. that was tough. I’ll admit, I was a little wimpy about it at first. But then I just started to hear from folks here on the blog and on Facebook, and I had a nice long talk with my friend Mike, who has it, and all the sudden, it was less lonesome and scary. I did some reading online, and just thought, now wait a minute… my body must have been telling me something because I was already thinking about the juicer and had quit pop and knew that some healthy changes would do us all good.

And the drop of 20 points on the blood sugar thing today, that was encouraging. Even the doctor remarked that it was a good thing. I’m so happy that my daughters are on the bandwagon and are going to help me and help themselves as well. They are all suffering a bit from their pop withdrawal symptoms and said it’s okay, they agreed, no more pop in the house. And Jessy, especially, she’s been helping me to look at packages of stuff and check the carbs and sugars and give her approval for this and that! (haha) She wants me around a good long time, I guess! We read at the American Diabetes Association website that a good meal for lunch and dinner is 1/2 a plate of veggies, 1/4 protein and 1/4 carbs. And breakfast you get a fruit share and also as a snack at some point… so she’s designed the last two dinners with that in mind and did a great job. I think overall, this has been a real blessing, to have caught this now, when we are in the right mindset to make some good changes. So much better than if it had gone on and on, and lead to other much more serious complications.

And this girl trouble stuff… well, I know I’m not the first and I guess that I’ll just have to deal with that as i comes along the pike. I found a good health center not too far away that takes patients with a sliding scale and is very reasonable. I printed all the forms and need to call about an initial appointment, hopefully next week.

Oh, I tell you this… I so miss being out back with everyone and I dearly miss my little Cody man… he saw me at the kitchen window this afternoon and trotted over, whinnying… I just had to go out and give him a little petting and love, I have been trapped inside all week! I hope tomorrow I can at least get out and do some visiting, check my garden and all. The temperatures are supposed to drop considerably in the next couple days and that will help. We got about 10 minutes of rain, which helps some but we are desperately dry right now. Most of the grass is burned out and dead. We have a little scheduled here and there for the next couple days, so I’m praying that we get a nice dump load at least one of those times!!!

Well, I promise not to dominate the whole blog with my little maladies… haha… I have some much stuff I want to do and share, ain’t about to let this get me down too much longer, I’m just too ornery and determined for that. And with the nice narcotics the good doc gave me??? haha…. well, better living through pharmaceuticals, I say!***

Thanks again for the good wishes!!!! It means a ton to me and my girls!!!!!

Disclaimer here… I am one to hardly take ANYTHING for any pain or ache. In fact when they gave me morphine the first night at the hospital, oh my goodness, that hit me like a herd of elephants! I was so effected by it, I was silly. I haven’t been on any medicines for like years and years… heck I haven’t even had to take any antibiotics for at least oh, 10 years? Aside from my weight, my health has been really fine. In fact my blood pressure and all those vitals were so laid back and cool, they could hardly believe it. So, yeah, I may laugh but bet you a dollar I’ll probably have most of those pain pills left over because I’m just so stubborn to take stuff like that. Dumb, I know… but hey, that’s me. Now, I will admit, if it comes back again, I’m gonna take one. For sure. Maybe two. I’m learning in my old age!!! Finally!!!

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ER – Round 2… — 2 Comments

  1. You really are the dearest lady, you know that? How thoughtful of you to bring us up to date despite feeling so bad. I just looked up the definition for endometriosis. OUCH! No wonder you experienced such terrible pain. There do seem to be a number of treatments for it, though and I hope you get the best!
    It’s wonderful, but not surprising, to hear how well your girls are carrying on. Their Momma trained them well. (:

  2. Get well soon, Sherri! I’m so glad that your daughters have been so helpful.