Wednesday Plans…

• Need to change the electric service over to us…
• Need to let the post office know we live there.
• Get the back door hung
• Put the numbers on the house
• Put together Maggie’s new garden cart we bought today.
• Pull down several hanging big branches before they hurt someone
• Gather all the trimmings and branches in the east yard
• Dig and bag our dozen trees at the Moby for their trip on Thursday morning

I got my client work caught up for a day, and the girls worked hard to get orders ready to go. Hoping that we’ll be able to get out the door by noon, as we want to pack a few boxes to take with us. The new cart’s box is taking up a good deal of Grandma Blue, but I think we can still get a generous load in the back. I think we are going to take the dogs… they can be a little trouble to keep an eye on while we are working, however, they just LOVE being out there. We can hook Evee to her little trolly line run, and I might bring a line for Gypsy. She is usually a very good girl about sticking around, but I just worry about the road. She’s too slow moving and if she got out there, it would not be good.

I found a fellow on Craig’s list that has 600 feet of good livestock fence for sale… only $175! That is a great deal… 48 inch high, the kind that is smaller weave at the bottom and then larger holes at the top. I think they call it hog and sheep fence. Just gotta raise the cash for it and thankfully, the fellow said he can wait a few days, and will deliver it for us as well! We’re close. It does feel a little bit like we are bleeding money these days! Haha… but, we can only do what we can at the moment. It will be fine. Gypsy won’t mind being on a long line for a few days, if it means keeping her safe and able to wander about for the rest of her life on her little farm.

I’m going to see about bringing out the video camera tomorrow. That would be fun. We’ll see how it goes! I think we might stop in the little truck stop restaurant for lunch break tomorrow. They have some fantastic specials and it’s fun to sort of hang with the locals. And that means we don’t have to pack a lunch in the morning! Can’t do that all the time, but it’s a nice break in our work!

Night all!

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