Best Laid Plans…

Well this day had very good intentions, but ended up a little on the wonky side. It was just toooo cold to work in the house much and even outside. There was NO sun and a stiff wind, so the 37 degrees just was so biting and cold that no one really wanted to be outside really. We worked inside for a few hours, but eventually it was just too cold inside as well. I sure hope that Curtis can get the furnace going. If not, I think I’ll have to call in reinforcements. Not having a warm house is wrecking havoc with our move in schedule.

I did get the electric changed over, and they had a great service where they helped you to get other services going. We got a great deal on a year of Direct TV basic service. No installation charge, no deposit, $30 a month. Considering that we won’t be able to get easy high speed internet, I think this might be a good alternative. Since we’re doing the Netflix $9.99 option, we’ll cancel that and really brings it all down to $20 a month more, so to speak, for 210 channels and local ones as well. It won’t be installed until May or later if we want to push it back a bit more as well.

Maggie got her garden cart all put together, that was great. It’s a very sturdy little beast. Can’t wait to get it out in the yard working. Maggie is good at assembling things like that, she has a very logical mind for putting things together.

Jessy and I cleaned out all the kitchen cupboards and shelves, inside and out. They were fairly clean, but a good scrubbing really seemed to make them perfect. I got a chance to unload up all my stash of canned goods… they look so pretty on the shelves! Now we can start bringing over some of the extra kitchen things that we won’t be using for awhile. It will be easy to fill up the station wagon with kitchen things.

While we were putzing around the house we started to record train times… and in about an hour, 4 trains went by! It’s the most we’ve ever seen. It will be fun to keep track and see if there is any regularity to the whole business. We do like trains, so this is fun for us.

The door hinges we got were the wrong size, so that didn’t work out well. The ground is too hard to dig up trees and so we just had to give up for the most part and come home and do some work here. We did stop at Lowes and got the proper door hinges, a new overhead light plastic panel for one that is broken and we scored a whole gallon of super premium contractors paint in a lovely light brown cream color for $5! We’re going to give it a try in the dining room and if we don’t like it, it will look lovely on the outhouse! Haha…

All in all, a few things accomplished, but not quite what we had in mind. Still… it was fun to be there and the dogs had a good time wrestling and playing with Jessy. Evee doesn’t mind at all going up the stairs to Maggie’s room, but she is not sure about coming back down! She is so funny, she will sit at the top and pace and whine… finally with a little coaxing she will come down. She’ll get it, but for now, it’s a little silly to watch her learn about high stairs!

Tomorrow will be a busy day… Curtis is coming over to get a bunch of big yard things, the cold frames and such, and then out to the farm to see what can be done. I sure hope it’s a little warmer tomorrow than today! At least sunshine would really make a HUGE difference! We’ll be bringing winter coats and heavy gloves to see if we can get SOME of the tree branches and such picked up.

That’s all the news that’s fit to print!

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Best Laid Plans… — 7 Comments

  1. Thanks for your wonderful posts, Sherri. It might not have been what you planned, but you did accomplish some things!

    I’m so glad you’ve got friends to help you now and then. And I’m with you on hoping for warm weather; we started the day with bright sunshine and clear, blue skies. Tonight there is an inch of snow on the ground.

    Those pictures of Evee are so cute. You can just see the hesitancy on her face. (:

    • Oh all my friends are SO wonderful…. and I love how they just ask ME to help, instead of the other way around! That is doubly wonderful… they are great!

      Yes, Evee is a hoot… she is so funny about the whole farm thing. I’m not sure she totally gets it… today, she was so excited and running about the house, that she squatted and had an accident in one of the rooms! I couldn’t believe it, but then I think she’s not sure that it’s not just part of the yard without furniture! She has been SOOOOO good about housetraining, it’s been at least 9 months since she had an accident. We’ll just have to really watch her when she’s inside the big house for awhile, till she “gets” it. She’s such a little goofball.

      • Oh, and the area she picked was super nasty carpet, that is going to be pulled as soon as we paint in there… most likely it’s got a scent of doggie no no already, and well, she was just confused!!! I sure hope so… don’t want her thinking it’s okay to tinkle inside for sure!

  2. Reading your post Sherri, gets me excited to get to work aroung here on our Moby. We kind of stopped during the winter. It has rained all this week. You have just made me want to get back to work. Maggie will love her cart ! I have one just like it. I don’t go anywhere in the yard without it. Great to haul sticks and raked up stuff. I will try and send some warm humid weather your way. I won’t send rain !! lol Glad to see pictures.. Makes me fill like I am there helping.. I am in my mind!!! lol You and the girls stay warm and don’t over do it in the cold… Take care, April in Bama

  3. I just love reading this blog! It makes me feel like anything is possible.

    On a related note, by the pictures it seems you’re close to the road. You might want to consider installing some kind of barrier in the front at some point in the future.

  4. I love that wagon, I’ll bet she’s itching for the weather to get good enough to use it. And I have to say again, I LOVE your kitchen. Not a huge fan of the “rotten salmon colored walls” as my daughter called it, but the space is awesome! I had to sacrifice with this house because it had Everything on my list except the kitchen, so we got it, but oh what I’d give for your counter space and storage! Lordy you’ll be in heaven when it’s warm and painted and all hooked up! Can’t wait to hear about the first dinner cooked there! :)

  5. I got the wife a garden cart like the one in your pictures for Christmas and have a picture in our blog similar to yours of me assembling it…good thing there was no audio!!! (some of the holes for the bolts were not drilled properly and the bolts themselves were cheap Chinese garbage that I replaced). Your daughters look is the same i had.

    We are not too far from a hwy either and one thing that really makes a huge difference is new thermal windows in the front and some strategic plantings..really cuts down on the noise and we are like you…more room in the backyard for fun.

    Glad to see its working out for you Sherri, the reason you strike a chord with folks is because so many people are feeling insecure in this crazy world and your positive attitude gives people hope. We have been in our place for about a year now and each improvement we make makes life that much easier…last year at this time we had buckets all over trying to catch the rain pouring in…now we are trying to keep the river in the basement in check!!

    We are really enjoying your blog, keep it up.