I Love Craigs List…

We HAD this old couch. It weighed a ton. It had a sleeper in it but we never used it, we bought it used off Craigslist for $50 or so about two and half years ago and it sort of served it’s purpose. However, no one liked sitting on it except the dogs. It was too low and Tim made some little feet for it and that helped, but then it was too worn, so I bought a slip cover for it. Which worked, sort of. It was always sort of wonky and ripply and then the dogs being on it all the time, made it hairy. I would throw a blanket over it, but then, well, the blanket would get hairy. It was a loosing proposition all the way around.

But I’ve never had a NEW couch, and just didn’t think that was in my stars. I mean, I had other more pressing things on the need list. And we’re very frugal and wait a while and think these things through.

But I do watch Craig’s List. Often. It’s a great place to pick up SWEET deals on things that you fellow neighbors in town don’t want or need. And right now, around the holidays, people are really ditching on some wonderful things so they can get a little cash for the holidays.

I really wanted another chair in my living room. To complete the whole experience. Early American Garage Sale is the look I love. (haha) And I love this old wingback recliner I got at the thrift store, so well, I have been watching for that. Well, my dream chair came up! And it was only $60, and beautiful!

The lady was remodeling her home and this chair didn’t fit the scheme anymore. $60 and it was mine. It’s got a nice new contemporary pattern on it and it’s like brand new, she said hardly anyone used it because it was in a spare room. Sweet! That baby fits in very nice. It actually kind of compliments my older blue one. I didn’t think it would but it does. That’s cool.

But well, I just couldn’t help but look around a bit more. After all, it was a dream to replace the old couch. I’ve always wanted a leather loveseat. Like a big loveseat or a small couch! You know, just right. Well, I found one, mislabeled and a little out of the way in the listings. A lady was selling a BRAND NEW, month old leather loveseat and it was only $200. I checked out the brand and all, and found that it retails for $700! Just beautiful. So I went out to see it, thinking all the way, that it was probably not right or something was wrong or you know, all those self-doubting things that we love to tell each other.

I had my hot little birthday cash from loved ones in my hands and I knew that it was going to be a great sale if the thing passed my inspection and it did! It was lovely! And the lady was super nice single mom and even offered to deliver it in her big old SUV, she was so happy to find it a home because she was buying a pair of recliners to go with the large sofa that was this set. My loveset even had the tags on it still!! It was in PERFECT condition, and just beautiful.

So I said yes. I know, a little crazy, but it’s been forever since we had a nice couch. We’ve always bought used and abused and well, this is really nice. And local! And still used, but just barely!!!

It’s so beautiful and so soft and buttery nice. I just love it. And of course, I’ve kicked the dogs off the thing. They really don’t like it anyway. It’s a little too short for Gypsy and they would rather sleep on their bed or on our beds! Gypsy has her spot next to the couch and is finally using her dog bed now that we removed the old nasty couch.

I think with care and careful attention, this beauty will be in our family for a good long time. It’s real leather and I think it will hold up to the test of time. I don’t have little people around now, so it’s a good time. And the kitties don’t seem to like it either, so that’s good for me!

It sure is nice to get some great deals by waiting and searching our used things on Craig’s List. It’s one of my first go-to places when we need anything. It’s just amazing what you can find that people will sell CHEAP. Just amazing…

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