Happy Thanksgiving….

I hope that everyone has a lovely Thanksgiving holiday and that you drive safely if you are traveling and you drink responsibly if you are driving and that you eat like a crazy hungry pilgrim! Because there’s no rules governing that! Poor pilgrims… yeah, we all know they are known for pursuing their religious freedoms and coming to the new world, but it’s kinda sad that they are mostly known for being awful farmers and needing the local Indians to feed them when they couldn’t do it right themselves. Guess that means there is hope for all of us that are homesteading again… see, you don’t have to be perfect at this, just keep trying and hope some of the locals will give you a hand when you need it!

We’re going to be enjoying a little turkey and all the yummy fixings here at the Moby. It’s very rare that my girls are here with me and so that makes it very special.. and to top it off, it’s my birthday today! How cool! I got me a new birthday loveseat and a lovely recliner chair off the best birthday website there is… Craigslist! I’ll share pictures real soon! It’s raining and cold and trying to brew up an ice storm for us here, so it might not be the best day for putting up the Moby lights… but we’ll see how the daylight treats us. I’m going to get my beer going today, so that by Christmas, we’ll have a little homebrew for Santa!

I hope you all have a lovely and warm and family filled day today…. everywhere!

Happy Thanksgiving!!

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