Poor Little Bird…


Poor litle guy got caught by our cat.   She normally is not a hunter.  In fact I can’t even remember the last time she caught anything.  She’s well fed and all, and normally she’s only outside when we are outside.  She’s a semi-outside cat.

But this little guy was too trusting and was at the feeder when we were out and about and well, Luna just happened to get lucky.  She grabbed him and ran into the moby with the girls freaking out.   But apparently she was quick and deadly and the little fellow is no more.

We buried him out by the lilac bushes and Maggie was pretty upset at her kitty pal all day long.   She is my animal saint…  she just doesn’t like to see any critter suffer or anything…. she used to have a hamster rescue!  And actually was the American Humane Society’s kid of the year in 2002, yes she was.

Read about Maggie…  HSLDA Bright Spots 2002

American Humane Society


You can still get a cool t-shirt, totebag or magnets from the rescue days!  CLICK HERE

I think the logo is just adorable… but then, well, I made it for my sweet daughter who really loves these little critters…    we had to stop when we lost our home… and I wish that some day we can do it again.  It was very rewarding for Maggie.  A lot of hard work, but still, I’d like to think we did some good for the little guys!

Even Paul Harvey featured her in one of his radio shows.   I have the recording somewhere, I’d like to make it a Mp3 because it’s so classic and wonderful…  I’ll see about doing that soon.

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