The Berry Patch

Well… we finished out last raised bed of the year. (At least of April! haha) We made a 4 x 12 lower bed for strawberries and raspberries. It’s at the side of the lot, by the bird feeding station. I know that I might have to net it when the berries get ripe to keep the little guys from enjoying my crop too much, but we’ll see how that goes when and if they set fruit this year.


Look!  It’s me drilling!   Yes I do work around here… not just the cheif cook and photographer of the place…  haha…  Jessy caught me working.  We’re making the corners of the raised beds.


I adore how my girls work together and are learning so much.  They are such awesome kids!  How many times can I say it?  They never grumble and complain, i think they are enjoying the process as much as I am.  It’s such a treat to work aside such awesome human beings!


Our dirt pile is dwindling…  but that’s okay…  after all, we’re getting what we needed and more out of the deal, so we’re happy.   The left over is going to go on the ugly side of the mobile home where we are going to plant sweet corn!  We’re going to use it to just kinda enrich the soil over there…  once we break it up a little bit and all.   I was going to go and make raised beds over there too, but we’re running out of money in the budget for that, and well, corn will do fine in just raised mounds…   I know it’s a heavy feeder and I’ll probably put a couple bags of compost out and around as well, just to help boost the soil up. The reason we’re growing a nice tall crop on the ugly side is to help boost the “looks” over there and well, no one sees it for the most part.

Miss B does and I hope she will enjoy seeing out corn flourish rather than just the ugly side of our moby!  (haha)  She’s a sweet lady and we will surely share of our abundance when it all comes in.  She is our cat lady friend and has many of the strays that she feeds and offers her little patio shelter to in the cold months.

She and Maggie are friends…  they compare notes about all the kitties in the flock of strays.  Maggie has taken a lot of photos of all the various cats and is trying to categorize and record their life.   Homeschool kids… shesh….  (gg)


All finished!  Ready for my strawberries to go in!   I ordered bareroot strawberries from Gueney’s and they came a little early…  it was still pretty cold out up until last week.   So I didn’t get them in the ground as quickly as I would have wanted to…. but I hope that most of them make it.   Jessy and I planted them right away and they took up a good portion of the bed.   I want to make sure I have about a third left over for raspberries that are coming soon.   I ordered them as well, but raspberry canes are a little more expensive so I didn’t get that many.   I have a friend with some over-zealous canes that offered a few diggings from…  so I should have plenty to get started with this year.


Jessy is giving them a good drink…   I hope they make it.   I think a good portion will and whatever don’t I’ll probably get a few more to fill in the spots to make it a good solid bed this year.

We have three local strawberry farms and I plan to take the girls picking this year and we are going to make our own strawberry jams this year.   I really want to learn how to make and preserve foods this year too…  I’m searching for the perfect sized freezer for my kitchen…   I want to start shopping even more locally and saving the abundance of our yummy local growers for my family.   I’ve decided that I like the idea of shopping at farmers markets (ours opens first of May!) and supporting local businesses such as the egg man, dairy and butcher.  And re-purposing stuff instead of running out to buy new.   I can’t wait for the garage sales to start kicking into full swing…  we are big into using other people’s things to make our lives cool.   All apart of urban homesteading!


Mt. Chekalopia is getting smaller by the day…  soon…. soooooon….. it will be gone and Lumi will have her spot back!

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