Gee…. Billion Eggs Recalled?

Over one Billion eggs recalled after being tainted and over 1,000 people have become sick.

Hmm. You would think that chickens would be safe and healthy, all jammed in cages tight like they do at egg farms. I mean, it’s not like they have any room to move around and get hurt, or eat anything they shouldn’t, they don’t even get a chance to turn around or anything. Gee. I’m sure it’s nice and sanitary in those places, with the chicken droppings all over everything like a thick layer of nasty evil.

I will never buy another carton of eggs from a factory farm EVER again in my life. I will go without. You should too. There are lots of people selling farm fresh, home grown eggs in your neighborhood, not matter where you live. Find them. Looks on Craigslist. Check with the local farmers markets. FIND OUT. BUY LOCAL EGGS from honest folk.

This sickens me so much. Stay away from processed foods that use eggs from these places. And ASK your favorite restaurant and such to BUY LOCAL and HUMANELY raised EGGS or don’t eat breakfast out. If we all start to ask and demand then the local farmers will respond.

And here’s a tip. You can buy several dozen eggs from a local hen hutch and they will keep fine in your frig. The eggs you get in the store can be up to 90 days old. Mother Earth News did a test and eggs stored in the frig were good after 7 months!!!! So, you can find a local egg layer, and buy a couple dozen at a time if they are not super close to you. Buy for your friends and neighbors too, make up a egg-buying co-op.

There is nothing like a fresh laid egg from a happy hen that is out eating bugs and greens and scratching corn and running around being a chicken. It is so cool to hear a hen cackle away when she’s laid an egg and watch all the other girls rush in to see what the big deal is about and coo and cackle away like a big hen club! It’s wonderful. They cook up good, they bake wonderfully and they just LOOK better and taste better. Do yourself a favor. Stay away from factory store eggs. You’ll thank me.

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