Pantry Chaos

Well, it was bound to happen. My pantry got all whopperjawed and messed up totally!

I think it was because I didn’t give it room to breathe. I jammed packed it so tight, it was like a monkey paw puzzle that you had to try and recreate anytime you wanted something or tried to put things back. So as a result, myself and my girls were pretty much just cramming things back in and hoping they didn’t fall.

So Monday, I decided this was not good. It’s not very functional and to top it off I was now storing stuff in the living room because I just couldn’t get it to fit in the pantry!!! (A very good sign that you’re having a organizational meltdown…)

So I dragged it all out and found that a good percentage of it was stuff that I never or rarely used and would not miss if it joined the Army. (The Salvation Army, that is…) That certainly helped. And I found a few empty boxes and jars, and just some misplaced things.

Believe it or not, I actually found room for 4 big boxes of new jars!!! I couldn’t believe it. So I sorted and divided and made sure the right collections went on the right shelves… (Some of the shelves are spaced deeper than others, or well, taller than others. So having the right collection of things in the right space REALLY helped to make it better. And I made sure to leave a little breathing room in the whole set up so that we wouldn’t get all anxious and just put stuff willy-nilly all over in there.

All in all, I think it’s a lot better now.

And it’s Wednesday and it’s still looking nice.

That’s a good sign. I have a box for the Goodwill store and hope to have it filled up pretty soon. It’s about half full now. It’s a big box. I’m getting to the point that my room/office, living room and kitchen are getting pretty simple. Clean and just what we use. I love my two large shelves in the living room. They hold everything we have as knickknacks and crafts, media and such. When it gets filled, that’s it. No more. Or something gets moved out. Same with my room, I’m just really trying to limit the stuff that’s in there. Feels good to do that…

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Pantry Chaos — 2 Comments

  1. I need to do the same organization skills all over my Moby. We are growing out of it! Thanks for giving me the push by looking at your Great looking pantry !

  2. Whopperjaw…That’s the first time I’ve heard that! Anyway, my closet needs a little TLC. I need to reinstall the organizer and clean everything up. It was fine until the cable guy played around with the wires that run through it. My room is getting to it’s happy place again. It was stuffed with things that wasn’t put away. It’s still bad but it’s getting there.