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The front bedroom of my Moby, which is my office as well, get BLASTED in the afternoon with sunshine. And actually, it’s great in the winter, but dreadful in the summer. It can get super hot in here and it’s hard to see the monitor and such like that. And forget about a nice Sunday afternoon nap!

I was going to try and sew some heavier cloth curtain to help cut the afternoon sun and help retain a bit of the heat in the winter and all, but I actually have five windows in this room, so that’s a bit of an investment in cloth and money. Still keeping my eyes open at garage sales and such, you just never know what you might find.

But in the meanwhile, I think I’ve solved the problem and it only cost me $12!!!

I found these way cool paper shades! Called Redi-Shade, they are actually less than $5 each, and you can install in minutes without drills or anything like that and you can cut them with a normal pair of scissors and such.

They are just a tough study weave of paper!!! Yep, paper. They feel a little bit like those tufweave envelopes that you can get at the post office for overnight mail, but not that plasticy feeling. More paperlike, texture and all.

All you do is trim to the inside window size. Peel the little sticky strip off to expose the adhesive, stick inside the window frame and poof! You’re done. They are safe because they don’t have ANY cords or such, you just lower them and pop these little pinchy clips on either side and you’re done.

I got the dark ones to be able to black out the room for sleeping and also in the hot afternoons. Had them all up within 10 minutes. Simple to use.

Now, the drawbacks. If you can’t get to the window easily, they are a little more tricky. Because you have to manually gather the folds to clip them at whatever height you want. Most of my windows are fine, but one is covered partially by a dresser and that is a real challenge to reach over and clip up and down. So I just set that about half way and left it.

I had one that didn’t want to stick good because the inside of my window frame was really rough. But I solved that by using two flat thumbtacks, and it’s fine. Of course, that’s not their fault at all, just a heads up, if you have weird surfaces, you might have to help keep it secure.

I like the fact that for $12 and 10 minutes I’ve got a nice simple solution to my sunshine problem! And they seem pretty durable, I’ve used them now for a month, and have found them to be just fine. The black REALLY blocks the light, it’s like night and day. Even just lowering them a bit, it really shades and cools the room. I like something like this… it’s simple, it solves a problem and it helps with energy costs because I can turn off the air conditioner for awhile and it stays cool for hours with the shades drawn.

Nope, not an endorsement or paid ad or anything, just something cool I thought I’d share.

Check them out… cooooool shades!

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