Garage Sale Item to Watch For…

Maggie and I stopped at a garage sale on Saturday and we scored this brand new Mr. Beer Jug for a dollar.

And it holds over 3 gallons of WATER!!!

And it fit PERFECTLY in our frig…

It has all the stuff to actually make beer, but I’m not that interested in that at the moment. I drink like 3 or 4 beers a year I think. Sometimes more if Dave’s in town. (hahaha) So making 3 gallons of beer seems like overkill for me.

No, we’d rather use it for cold water and not have to keep filling up the old water jug we had. We’re all trying to drink more water and having easy cold frig water is a great way to encourage that.

If we could only find a Mr. Money jug too!!! HAHAHAHA

So keep your eyes out… re-purposing is a great way to reduce your cost of living and keep lovely plastic stuff out of the landfills!

Plus my kids think it’s pretty funny to be drinking out of Mr. Beer, who lives in Mr. Frig.

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Garage Sale Item to Watch For… — 1 Comment

  1. LOL! I broke down and spend $10 on a Pur filter. I need to get filters for it soon but it’s better than plastic bottles and a $4 off coupon really helps!