Raised Beds are Done! (Almost)

As done as we can be without a van!!!  (g)  ((Still want to get a bunch of compost to mix in and top them off, but they are pretty much all done.  Filled and ready for planting.   I’m looking for a crib…  and old crib, and I’m going to use the slatted sides for beans and peas and such… it will be cool.   I checked on several on Craig’s list… just need to find a good cheap one and all.   Of course, when I get my van back, so I can go and get the thing…. haha.

Here are some of the photos of the day of effort….


Believe it or not, we still have a pretty good size pile of dirt left!  Yeah!   That’s good because I will need it for one more bed that we need to build and to freshen up the corn field and wheat field dirt.   (You’re probably wondering about that, so I’ll just let you stew on that for a few more days!  HAHA… I’m evil that way.)


We salvaged this old raised bed, it’s about 2 x 4 in size… and we are going to put two blueberry bushes in it.  Jessy loves blueberries and it just seems perfect.   It’s all ready for the pair of little berry machines…


Jack was supervising the whole thing…   he was purdy cute all curled up by the phone and power boxes and all.  Ah… urban living.


Well, there you go… 3 nice big old raised beds, just waiting for some veggies and all to get growing in them.   Hopefully tomorrow we will get Lumi back and she will haul us some more wood and some compost and we will rejoice and sing and dance the dance of the finished raised beds!  Yeah!

Or maybe we will rest tomorrow and do it on Saturday if we are vanless.

Either way, we’re getting closer to planting time!  Yahoooooo!!!!

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