Patio Project Update


Well, this was the look out my front door this morning.   Not a pretty site.

So once I got my work done on the computer, mostly customer service stuff and a little editing on a few sites, I hit the yard with my trusty daughter-diggers and we started at the patio.   We used a lot of the dirt clumps to fill up the bottom of the last bed.   (Yeah, it will compost away, we turned it green down and all…)


Okay, around 2 or so…  we had most of the clumps gone.   Now to dig up the rest of the dirt, and get those old stepping stones out of there so we can rake and level it all out…   shesh, this is hard work.   But I’m getting a little more used to the heavy labor…  I was surprised, I’m adjusting sorta.


Okay, it’s all done for now…   de-clumped, raked, kinda level and ready for either sand or that smashed granite stuff.   Not sure yet…  will probably depend on what is cheaper!  I will need to get more stepping stones, no doubt, but I think in the end it will look nicer, larger and give us a little more area to put the fire pit on stone, and maybe a little table, that kind of thing.  And so we don’t have to just sit lined up next to the moby if we don’t want.

That’s just kinda weird.

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