Wheat…. Fields of Wheat….

My Wheat Seed Arrived!!!!


And I can tell you already… I probably have WAY too much wheat for my moby homestead!  HAHAHA…

Does this stuff keep?

I’m giving one of my Moms some and we’re going to compare it’s growing and all.  (That sounds weird I suppose… one of my Moms?  Well, I have a few substitute moms and I’m not sure what ever to call them…   SubMom?  That sounds wrong.   Extra Mom?  Mom?  Other Mom?  Hmmmmm….. )

But I’m sure that I will have more of it left then I can plant.   I imagine it might keep… Probably in the freezer or something.  I’ll have to do a little reading.

I’m going to put in a pretty big plot of wheat…  like about 20 foot by 10 foot?  Something like that.   I just want to see if it will grow good and all.   It would be so cool to grow my own wheat, decorate with it and then to have enough to mill into a little flour and make a loaf of bread from start to finish.

Henny Penny would be proud.

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