Bad Bad Weasels…

The ferrets were naughty little weasels today.

They found my two boxes of seedlings that we just planted… and proceeded to do what all good fuzzy woozels do when they find dirt.

They DIG.


They tore up the chives and lavendar plants I was starting… they hadn’t sprouted yet, but well, now they are all torn up and who knows what might grow and not.  Durn little weasels.   Ah…. free ranging weasels in your home is not something that you want all the time.   We had JUST let them out and within 3.5 seconds they had found these two little simple boxes and started to dig in the first one.   Luckly Maggie came upon her little devil children and stopped them before they got to our pumpkins!!!


I had to find a new spot for them, way up high and in my room where the little urchins are not allowed.   Bad bad bad little ferrets….

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