New Computer is Here


Santa wore a FedEx uniform today! And he brought me my new to me computer and monitor! Oh MY GOSH!!! I’m suffering a little bit from overwhelmingness… New keyboard, new software, HUGE monitor, and trying to figure out what to bring over from the old one and just how to do it all My old laptop was 7 years old and I’d had it for 5… and the software is all very dated. This new one has a lot of newer stuff on it, but at the same time, it’s overwhelming and I think, no I’m sure, I will going to reloading a bit of the older stuff back on for awhile!


It’s got a 23 inch wide screen monitor. That alone is so exciting. I do a lot of graphic arts for my various businesses and for all my bluegrass efforts and the band and all. Rocks, too. I do two monthly publications for the Opry that are 11 x 17 and I can see the entire page layout now on the monitor!!! Unbelievable. No more scrolling over and over and over and over.

I got my Itunes music all transferred and most of my fonts and important files. Still having a few little issues with some of my workhorse programs, but that will hopefully resolve itself with more twiddling around by my little self. An unstable system can be a little tense, but thankfully, it’s a nice quiet time without much stress for me to do any work for awhile, so I have time to go at this slowly and leisurely!

Still, going back and forth between the two computers, I am very surprised at the speed differences and all. I’m really looking forward to the increased productivity that this new system will bring to 2010! Yah!

And more blogging!!!!

Of course, that’s the best part, eh?


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New Computer is Here — 3 Comments

  1. At the risk of sounding like an idiot, that small white box is the new computer? I’m just amazed because mine looks like a suitcase next to that. Cute keyboard too!