12 Day of Christmas…


I have 12 days before the end of the year and I intend to work hard on them to get ready for the new year! I have so many things that I want to blast into, so I want to clean up my ‘table’ and get things ready and set to jump into some new projects.

You’d think with all the work on the rocks that I’d be ready to just loaf around for the holidays, but it’s actually the opposite… when I have to spend so much time doing manual basic labor, I crave to get back to my world of computers and graphics and music and websites and all that stuff. I’ve pretty much put that all off for the last 6 weeks and now I have about 24 cards in my deck of things to do. I tried hard to keep up on my few client’s edits and needs, but even they suffered a bit… (sorry guys!) But most I’ve had now for years so they know that I’ll be a little behind the eight ball there for a few weeks and are patient.

Well… my goal is get down to 10 cards or less by the new year. Pretty much that is my plan. I’ve been cracking on a few of the lightweight ones today… got 4 cracked out right away. That’s a good feeling. I hope by nightfall, I’ll be to 6 down. That will help things greatly. Primarily because there are a few cards in my deck that are defintely going to take more than a day or two to do. But that’s good.

I also want to clean and organize all the rock stock shelves, dig it all out with Jessy and Maggie’s help, categorized it, log it in a book and see what we have and what we might need, etc. That will be hard work, but fun work too. It’s always neat to look at the stock and admire the beauty of God’s handwork.

I also want to spend a day decorating and getting our tree up and wrapping presents, all that fun stuff.

And spend a day getting some of my bluegrass blogs caught up and websites and all.

And of course, getting to bed at a reasonable time and getting lots of naps when I want them, and also spending some fun time with friends and all that! Fun stuff.

What are you doing in these last 12 days of the 2009? Any big plans???

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12 Day of Christmas… — 1 Comment

  1. Hi. Enjoy your blog. I intend on getting a couple rooms and a hallway painted, take down the xmas tree, visit some family and friends, eat treats and good food……..nothing too exciting…..enjoy your holiday.