New Pretties…


The space on the right side of the wall above the couch was kinda looking for something… something special. I have this beautiful dark and emotional picture of Mary leaving the Calvary Hill that I just adore… an old litho that I got at a yard sale and I just adore… and I had purposely hung it off center waiting for something to come along and tell me it had to be there.

And finally, something did.

I wanted or well, liked the idea of a candle or wall sconce idea, because I love candles but with all the critters around, I’m not that fond of the smell of burnt hair and don’t really want to risk setting the Moby ablaze with a terrified ferret on fire! Just not my idea of fun.

And since I have a few other black iron accents… I had kind of narrowed it down after almost a year and a half! (I’m not a fast mover on home decor) I wanted something simple, in black and iron and with candles.

And I found these at the Big Lots in the discount section and well, they just had to come home with me and I am glad… they are perfect!

Long story to just tell you all that I bought some candle holders…

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New Pretties… — 1 Comment

  1. I agree, those look great! I also love candles but have to be very careful as well with a cat and a 6 year old. Setting the house on fire is not my idea of fun either!