My Birthday Party


When you start getting older, your birthday parties are a little more, well, lets just say non-eventful. Oh, not to sound like a party pooper or anything, but well, they are just days like other days except you get a few “hey, happy birthday” from close friends, maybe dinner out, and maybe even another dinner out and a movie (thanks Shelly!) but in the whole scheme of things, turning 46 was kind of well, kinda like just another day for the most part. We worked on orders… the Christmas rush was just starting up.

And my birthday is the 25th of November and it was like the day or so before Thanksgiving, so everyone is busy and all. Lots of times it’s actually Thanksgiving so that makes for a slight drag of a day especially as a kid. I know some people really think a Christmas birthday is the pits but Thanksgiving is not much better… everyone is so busy with getting the holiday started that they would all stop and think, oh yeah, hey, Happy Birthday kid and for many years I thought birthday cake was pumpkin pie! haha… But i digress…

Later in the evening my kids REALLY wanted to go to the grocery store. They’re pretty subtle, let me tell you. And Jessy wanted to drive… again, hmmm… the kid hates to drive for the most part. So I got to go and ride shot gun to protect the public at large from my daughter and her dragon-wagon (which she calls her blue stationwagon) and then I was instructed to wait in the car. Which was cold. And her radio doesn’t start. And she took the keys with her.

At least I could text friends with my phone while I waited. I reminded them to get some TP since we were almost out and well, that’s a bad thing you know. Especially on your birthday.

Well, they came back after a good long time and we drove home and they were all smiles and giggles. Again, super subtle are my children. (haha)

And then they made me go in my room and then come out and I got my birthday display of the cake that they had gotten me and pop (perfect gift! I love Pepsi!) and of course, the TP which I think wasn’t necessarily part of the gift display, but well, the camera catches everything you know and of course, a little pretty gift box that they had been hiding for at least two weeks and it was killing them.

Did I mention that I love my daughters very much? They are my life… even though you might think that bluegrass and rocks and my moby are important, if I didn’t have my two goofy girls around, those things would be well, just not that important.


Awwwww! They got me a beautiful little painted glass Christmas ornament in the shape of amber squirrel!!! I LUVS SQUIRRELS!!! I want a squirrel really badly! And a pony too. This is so sweet and purdy… he’s sitting on my dresser right now waiting for us to put up our tree! I can’t wait. Last year, we didn’t have a car and I couldn’t get to the storage unit to get all our Christmas stuff out so it was a slightly bleakly decorated event for us, but this year, we’ll have our tree and all the trimmings! Can’t wait for my little birthday squirrel to find a home!!!

Not to bad for a birthday ya know.

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