The Stove is GONE!

Yeah!  The nasty old stove is gone!!!



When we moved into the moby, we were so excited… there was stove there already! Yeah!

And the burners worked.. so we were excited and just kinda didn’t think about it much until we were actually living in the place and found out that the oven was broke. And bad.  And the man said it was messed up inside and he wouldn’t recommend even using the burners… which we did, but carefully, for awhile.

We used the inside for storage, but it was pretty bad for that.   Not very efficient at all.   And we bought a decent big toaster oven, countertop dude that to be honest, we fell in love with.

We even cooked a small turkey in it at Thanksgiving!

Of course, we had to flatted him a little bit, but hey, it cooks all sorts of stuff, baked goodies, breaks, meats, roasts, everything.  And it’s pretty efficient too.

So I got to thinking…   do I really need a big new stove?

We’d been now almost 7 months without one and never really found it to be a problem.  It’s just the three of us… and we like to use our other appliances too… like our COOL rice steam cooker, the ever faithful crockpot and of course the microwave and our big George Foreman grill…  and then in the other three seasons, we love to grill outside…   so……  I decided that it was time to get rid of the stove, and put in a piece of countertop and get some shelves under there until I can redo the kitchen the way I want to…. new cabinets and counters and sink and all… someday… maybe later in the year!


Okay… wow… yucky big hole now and like 30 years of nasty stuff!   Don’t look anyone!!!!  Kitty, save yourself!!! Run!!!


Oh… much better now.  Cleaned out and waiting for a cabinet or perhaps a little cheapy interim shelf.

And I got a piece of the laminate countertop that I want ultimately for my kitchen redo…. it’s so pretty, this black granite looking stuff.


Can’t wait to get rid of those old old nasty cabinets and get some new or gently used cabinets to go in there.   I measured it all… it’s a perfect fit for three 36″ standard cabinets!  How cool is that?   And I already picked out my new sink…. I don’t want a huge double sink, just a nice sized single sink.   I want more counter space, not just gapping big hole for MORE dishes to stack up space!

It’s still a work in progress… but I am SO happy to be rid of the big ugly broken unsafe stove!!!   I feel better now.  (g)

Don’t you?

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The Stove is GONE! — 4 Comments

  1. Wow I didn’t realize you could cook a turkey in those ovens! Or even anything that had any size to it. That really worked out well, and you have more storage room, not to mention the worry of a fire when using an unsafe stove has disappeared!

    I watched your video about the stove a couple of nights ago. It was the first video of yours that I found and I’m so glad I did! If everything goes as planned I will have my own mobile home (or Mini Home as we call them in Canada) in March and will go through the same process of redoing it and making it accessible. I’m getting really excited about it since I watched your videos because now I know it is possible to do it myself.

    I must make a mental note to make sure I pull out the fridge and stove if mine has them to clean though because it’s something you don’t really think of! There could be all kinds of scary and icky things lurking behind and under them!

  2. I just want to let you know that I read your blog everyday and it makes my day! You are an amazing woman.

  3. I was wondering how many acres you have? I really enjoyed the rug loom video.