Moby Has Some New Flooring!!!!


Yes, it’s been ah, well, ah, like 6 months… or is that 8 months since we started this whole adventure that we’ve been living with painted plywood floors in the middle room of the moby!

Every time I got close to having the money saved up… something would rob it from us.  Something broke, some bill would come in, whatever.   Never failed.

It wasn’t too bad living with the painted floors, but they were hard to keep clean…  and the paint was chipping and I just hated them.


But, that’s where good wishing and positive thinking come in.

And, of course, Ty and Frank.

Ty is the manager of the theater that we use for our Glass City Opry.  He’s such a cool guy!   We love Ty!

He called me and said he wanted me to think about helping out Frank.

So I met with Frank… and he’s a singer that is putting on a show in May all about his own ability to sing Frank Sinatra songs, like the other Frank would do.  How cool.

And guess what?

He’s a flooring specialist at Lowes.

My favorite place!!!

So he needed help with graphic arts and flyers and all that about his show.  I needed a piece of carpet and a piece of vinyl.

We’re both happy happy campers now!!!!    And I am just SO happy and thankful that all the pieces in my flooring puzzle are now complete!!!  It’s SO purdy!  I just love it and can’t stop looking at it when I walk through there or hang out… it’s just so nice…

Good things DO come to those who wait!!!

Here’s the adventure in pictures!!!!

It took us two days to do it… first the carpeting and then the vinyl.


Jessy being silly and doing the WE HAVE FLOORS interpretive dance of joy.


Everything ended up in my room…. how did that happen?


Okay, some stuff got piled up on the desks….


I prayed that no police officer would catch my zany drive home two miles…  my new old van’s latch in the back doesn’t open, so I didn’t have many choices….   good thing I didn’t need the 15 foot stuff!  HAHAHAHA


Oh, how purdy…..   it’s just so purdy….  it makes me almost cry!


Okay, that was one day.   Gypsy apparently approves of the new walking surface.


Okay… it’s vinyl day!

Move everything over to the other side of the moby great room!


Unwrap the little wrapper on the stuff….


And start laying it down! This is a really cool new flooring that is a no glue, fiberglass embedded flooring that is really cool.  You can use a little double stick tape at high traffic areas and around floor vents to keep it snug, but other than that, it’s thick and lays nice and flat.   And it’s durn purdy, too.


Goodbye YUCKY plywood painted floors!!!  GOODBYE!!!!


Almost looks like REAL wood, don’t it?

Nothing but the finest in fake wood for my mobile home.


There was just a teeny little ripple in the material and it eased out within an hour.   You can just faintly see it running near that sunlight area on the right hand side.   Other than that, it was not at all creased or worrisome at ALL!  Neat stuff…..


Doesn’t it look nice, and the floor vent was easy to trim out and fit.


We put that old oriental rug under the desk area to protect the floor from rollers of our desk chairs and such.   It says that the floor can handle that, but I kinda think it looks really nice with that rug there…  works with the light browns and neutrals and the peanut butter walls and the black and white accents…. very nice.


The wow factor is HUGE… Everyone that walks in is surprised how nice it looks.

Especially those that have become accustomed to the old plywood and thought it would never get finished!!!  HAHAHA…. (Like me?)  But even those that didn’t even know, has said “wow, this looks really nice…”

People don’t know what to expect in a moby, you know.

I guess they figure that everyone in a moby has to use like 70’s old garage sale stuff and little cheapy figurines and Nascar stuff.

Well, not here.   Not in our Moby.


It’s SOOOOO nice!!!

Thanks Frank!!!!!

Here’s Frank’s new website…

It’s still getting worked on… but still… it’s getting there!   He’s a happy boy!   I’m a happy girl!   Everyone is happy!

Even Gypsy.   She hated walking on the slippery plywood and we had to lay rugs all over for the old lady.   Now she can go just about anywhere in the moby and loves to look out the low windows at the stuff outside and woof a lot more.

She’s happy too.

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  1. Ahaha Its like we are twinsies….I don’t have floor in my mobie either…it’s been like that for over a year…only diffrence is I need to put plywood down. I have this horrid crumbly not wood stuff that needs to be replaced first. yucky! We keep trying to save for it but something always comes up!