Painting up a Little Gift…


I used to do a lot of watercolor painting, many many years ago and lately, I’ve been wanting to get back into it.  Just something that I’d like to do more of.

And then I saw my friend Jess, post this super cute picture of her daughter on Santa’s lap, many years ago!  Her daughter is now a beautiful young lady in college!

So I thought, what a fun little thing to give a try…  So, it took me a little while, but the steps are basic…   first up, I sketched out the picture on some tracing paper…  dsc_0451

Then, I transferred it to some lovely cold press watercolor paper.  I just rubbed a little pencil on the back and retraced it on to the paper.   Once I had the basic lines, I went back and sketched in a little strong lines to give me something to go by.   dsc_0452 dsc_0457

The first bit of painting was SO hard!   I haven’t painted in years!  So I just took a big breath and said, okay, I have like 10 sheets of paper, so if I mess up, I mess up!  Sometimes you just have to take that leap of faith!

I was careful to begin with light areas…  skin tones, hands, that sort of thing.  It’s super easy to muddy and darken up a water color painting, but almost impossible to lighten it up after it’s all dark!  I thought it was coming along fairly nicely!



A closeup detail as I began to add more and more to the painting.  I think the picture was just so cute, Erin is telling Santa her whole big list!  She was ready and prepared, it looks like.


All done!

She loved it and her daughter did too!  That was nice.  I hope it is a nice reminder of her little daughter back in the old days!  I’m glad how it turned out…

Now, I need to keep at it!   I’m sure it’s going to be a resolution for 2017!  More watercolor painting!!!

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