The baby goat update…


When we got JPG and PDF they were just weaned…  Like pretty much that day.  So their mom had sent home a few little baggies of frozen milk for them, just in case we wanted to take them off milk a little more gradually.  So, we thought, sure!  Let’s give it a try.  If we can bottle feed them for even a week or two, just a bottle a day, they will really bond with us and all.  Great idea.


And they pretty much hated that idea.

“We are big boys!”, they protested.  “We don’t need no yucky weird bottle thing!”

Jessy tried and she is our resident expert at getting youngins to take a bottle.  She can get just about anything to try feeding this way.  And she tried.  And tried.


Momma Buttercup was not sure of this handling of HER new babies.  She is super watchful over her little charges.  She has really bonded with the pair and they have adopted her as new big momma.  It’s very cute to see them hang out with her and she licks them and calls to them if they stray too far.

And she was so awful to her own son…  Maggie says she is making up for that whole situation because she wants to get into goat heaven.  Hahaha…  I think she just really likes them because they look like her as opposed to the Angoras…  dsc_0490

See, food ladies?  We eat like big goaties!!!

Well, it’s been like two weeks and they are still alive and doing great, so I guess they were ready to be weaned!  They were actually about a week overdue, age wise, so I’m sure it was okay.  We tried though!   So now I have a bag full of little baggie of goat milk in the freezer!   I am thinking some goat milk soap is in our near future!!!  :-)


Rather graceful picture of herd queen Miss Buttercup, eh?


These two are so stinking cute!!!  I just can’t get over it.  Just adorable.  And they are so funny, jumping around, they are super agile!  We love them.

dsc_0501 dsc_0502 dsc_0504

And just really glad that Buttercup likes them.  It’s a win win situation.  We got to help our friend Mary with some wonderful forever homes for two extra boys and we get a pair of cute little guys that won’t eat us out of house and home and will be nice child sized ambassadors for our little homestead to our guests with small kids!  They love Buttercup, but she’s really pretty good sized and makes some children a little nervous.  PDF and JPG are perfect sized for young visitors!   And they are warming up to us very nicely because we have snacks!

All goaties love snacks!

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