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My gosh, has it been this long?  Like two months, almost?

I am so sorry.  I guess after five plus years of blogging, thousands of posts…  I just needed a little break.  Just a little summer off to catch my breath and sort of get through a busy part of our lives.

Maggie’s loom and fiber tool woodworking business has gone nuts!  She is keeping us all busy…  it is a wonderful blessing and at the same time, sure does eat up a lot of time!

All the animals are doing fine…  just hanging out, growing fiber, eating good, enjoying the warm weather and all the lovely rain we have been getting.  This has be a banner summer for us.  Lots of rain and still, super good green grass and a huge hay savings!   All the grazing animals are super happy and enjoying fresh greens daily.

I promise to start writing more posts again…  I do feel the need to write.  I’ve been fairly active on Facebook, but I know not everyone goes there and that form of social media does not lend itself to rambling posts and thoughtful prose.  Blogging does!

I am also going to try and figure out how to get comments reinstated…  we had a little issue awhile back with getting spam blasted with thousands and thousands of comments, all in a day or two’s time.  Our hosting company disabled the comments section to save our content and to avoid being “turned off” or shut down for this.  Of course, we had nothing to do with it…  but that’s the way things go.

You can always drop me a line here…   sherri@chekal-dot-com…   (You have to make the dot a period…  just trying to avoid all the spammers out there!  The automatic software ones…)

It’s been five years now.  Five years since we started this homestead farm adventure and buddy, it’s been a fun and wild ride.  I think this has been the first year that everything has been routine.  Quiet.  Normal.  Animals being born, summer events, a little fencing and the odd project or two, but nothing huge.  Just treading water and finally enjoying the fruits of our labor.

I was looking at the weather report for the next 10 days and I was very surprised to see highs in the high 70’s…  and a few low 80’s.   Wow…   fall is creeping up on us.  September is just around the corner!  I can’t hardly believe it.

Well, enjoy all these fun pictures of our little homestead…  gardens, critters and more.

I promise not to be a stranger anymore!!!

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