Baby Sapphire…


Lady Iris had her baby in the very early hours of the morning and when I came out at 6 am, she was already standing and pretty much cleaned up.  I would have swore there would be twins, as Iris has always given us twins but this year, nope.  Just one lovely beautiful jet black baby girl!  We named her Sapphire, in our year’s naming theme of minerals and gemstones.

DSC_0563 DSC_0564

Iris is such a good mom, if there were sheep mom awards, she would in the top running every year for the whole nation!   I think that is saying a lot.  She is such a good girl.  And now we have another little beautiful girl lamb to add to our flock.  She will definitely be staying with us, here with her mom and siblings and aunts…  or is it nieces?  Believe it or not, Sapphire is Galadriel’s aunt and she is baby Emerald’s great aunt!   I tell you, sheep family reunions are probably very difficult to decipher.  DSC_0568

The chickens were all excited and gathered to sun themselves and wait for new of the new baby.  I tell you, I do believe the farm yard and it’s occupants are excited when new babies are born.  They gather and hang out, waiting.  I’m sure they know something is up, they hear the cries and the momma noises, they know something is about to happen and they are curious.  DSC_0572 DSC_0573

Buelah took her baby out in the weed patch for the first time and it was cute to watch little Ruby realize there is a HUGE big world out there.   She stayed very close to her momma’s side…


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