Our first lamb of 2016…


It was quite a surprise when I went out one morning and there was Beulah, with a little baby girl.  I knew she was expecting, but I really thought she had a little longer to cook!  But I guess not.  She had cleaned the baby all up and was nursing it, and very attentive.

That was great because last year, Beulah refused her son, Thistle.  I was worried about her and decided to give her another chance.  Perhaps she was a little young or immature last year, or just didn’t like boys?  I’m not sure.  But I figured it was worth one more try.  And she came through.


We decided that this year’s baby lambs would all be named after rocks and minerals!   Because we have a rock and mineral business, it just sounded like a great idea!   And so this little cutie patootie is named Ruby.   And it’s fun because she was born on a Tuesday!  Ruby Tuesday!   May 3rd…    I went out at 6 am and no baby.  I went back around 8:30, baby all clean and like she was there all the time.  Sheep don’t mess around.

DSC_0510 DSC_0515

Love her speckled coloring!  Not sure if she will keep that or mature into a more gray like her mom or more black like her father!  She is cute and fiesty though.  She is quite a little mix…  she is half Finn sheep, and then 3/8th Shetland and like 1/8 Welsh Black Mountain sheep.  I think that is right.  Her mom is 3/4 Shetland and 1/4 Welsh Black Mountain.  Well, she’s cute, no matter what!!!

DSC_0532 DSC_0536 DSC_0537

Look at that little face!!!  Adorable!

Now to just wait on the rest of these ladies!!!



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