Finally Weaving Again!


It’s been a little while since I sat down and weaved.  Yep, just been either too cold in the studio or too busy.  Mostly, too busy!

Ever since Maggie started her fiber tool and loom business in July 2015, we have been playing catch up and trying to keep up!  It’s been an amazing blessing for our little family and so wonderful for Maggie!  You just can’t imagine how much it’s helped her to blossom and mature.  Just wonderful.

But, unfortunately, something had to take a bit of a back seat and for me, it was my own weaving and fiber arts!


Don’t don’t despair, I really enjoy it much too much to give up forever and we are finally starting to get a better grip on Maggie’s orders and keeping them going through the shop and it’s much warmer now in the studio!

I am definitely going to have to look into some sort of decent extra heat source for the studio.  It sits out over an old porch area on the house and there is only one lonely little heat register in there that is very inadequate.  It’s too hard to weave and be creative with your fingers are freezing!  I will think of something…  I hate the idea of a kerosene or wood heater in there because of the fabrics and such, even the dust that comes from all the cloth and such.  Have more duct work run out to the space seems a little expensive and possibly difficult.  Perhaps a decent electric heater might work, something that I can turn on and off as needed to warm up an area.


Well, regardless, I have several months before I have to worry about the cold again!  And in the meanwhile, I want to get weaving!   Our friend Monica has been coming over to help out and learn our ways a day or two a week and she is helping me sew strips and get more materials ready for weaving!  That is such a huge help.  We have been making Hit or Miss rugs the last two weeks.

Hit or Miss rugs come from an old rug maker’s terminology for just a random rag rug! Basically, you just put a mess of strips into a box or two and mix them up and grab them in any old manner to make a hit or miss rug.  It’s hard to be totally random, because, you really don’t want to grab like 3 light colors in a row and them a bunch of dark and then a mix.  But you do want to be very carefree as you make the strip balls!  I like to do hit or miss rugs with a colorful warp…  really makes the rugs beautiful and so folkish!   DSC_0463 DSC_0464 DSC_0467

The kitties love when we do strip rugs!  They love to sit in the boxes and watch us play with the long cloth strips.  Little Sophie really was involved this day!

You can see the result of our work!  This one is really pretty.   We did that first one on the post with mostly whites and creams.  Because we had a TON of those strips!  Figured, we might as well use up a bunch so we dug out a big handful of similar strips to balance out the rest of the rugs.


We will make about 6 to 8 rugs on this warping until we run out of warp or weft!  (The warp is the string wound on the loom and the weft is the fabric rag strips we weave in)

I have three huge boxes of the stuff, so I hope we can really rock out and get a bunch of fun rugs done!  That will be fun!  And we’ll get them up in our Etsy shop eventually!  I’ll be sure to share that link when we get them up there.

Until then, I am just enjoying the process and having a great time weaving, again!

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