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My younger daughter, Maggie, loves to work with wood.  She makes signs and other nifty things but lately, she’s been making some amazing and beautiful weaving shuttles.  She already has a little fan club of weavers!   She has been taking exotic hardwoods that she gets from the woodcrafting store and with a design that we worked out, she cuts them out with her scroll saw and then carefully sands and then polishes them to a gorgeous sheen!  They are really amazing.


She’s also been working on restoring old looms for us!   We actually have two for sale and she did most of the restoration work on the actual loom.   Jessy, my older daughter, has a knack for tying these old looms up, and restringing the working cords and such, just making them weave fantastically!   I love to see them working as a team on these things.   When we sell the looms, they well split the profit for their effort.


A batch of smaller hand weaving shuttles waiting to be buffed and waxed!


She is also making stick shuttles, out of beautiful red oak.   I have woven with one and they are just amazing.   So nice to work with!  Jessy loves them too!   We had her make us a pair because we were fighting over them.


Just beautiful shuttles.  She calls this one the Finger Pick Shuttle.  It’s fantastic for inkle weaving, tablet, or card weaving.  And that thin finger is so amazing, you can use it for picking out strings in your warp and just really working the shed and all in a lovely way.   I just adore mine!


When she debuted the shuttle to a large inkle weaving group, the response was amazing!   She sold over 2 dozen shuttles in one day!   It was amazing!   She was so happy.  Look, even Luna was excited.  (haha…  not really)  DSC_0971 DSC_0973

But Maggie sure was!   I don’t recall seeing her smile so much as that day when she took all those lovely shuttles to the post office!   It was so delightful.  It really was.   Now, she’s selling a few a week and that is good, keeps her busy!   She tends to work on a nice batch and then move on to other woodcrafting projects.  When her supply gets a little low, it’s off to the woodcrafting store and another batch gets made!  Of course, she has to get a few other things for other projects!

DSC_0977_2 shuttle reviewsShe’s had such lovely reviews on the Etsy shop!  Just so thankful for the lovely response she has gotten for her work.   It means SOOO much to her!

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