Just Some Weaving & Fiber Fun…

As you might know, we here at WIndhaven Farm, we are weavers and crafters and sellers of rocks and minerals, graphic artists, photographers, wood workers, and small farmers.   Yup, many hats!   These are just some pictures of the various weaving and fiber fun we’ve been having!   Inkle weaving, learning to dye wool, weaving rags rugs and making our protoype inkle looms and shuttles to sell.  Just thought I would share some of them!  If you have any questions, just drop me a comment and I’ll try to answer them.

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the banjo player for Deepwater Bluegrass, and the editor of BuckeyeBluegrass.com as well as the main graphic designer of the Westvon Publishing empire. She is a renaissance woman of many talents and has two lovely daughters and a rehab mobile home homestead to raise.


Just Some Weaving & Fiber Fun… — 1 Comment

  1. I have been reading your posts about redoing your house. i have been happy and excited for you as I have done the same to my house over the years. I took out a wall between the dining and kitchen and now all the space is usable rather than being too small. I am so glad you are feeling some closure on those things. it makes you feel more settled.
    I need a cotton rug in woodland greens to cover an ottoman to keep the dogs deom getting it filthy. The size I need is 26 by 42″. It needs to be sturdy as we have big dogs with big toenails. lol. Washable and not too loud in colors. Maybe a blend of a few greens. What do you think?