A little elbow grease…

old stove

Maggie is working on her workshop, which was our old one car garage with a broken garage door that was filled with trash and junk for about three years!   I can’t believe how far she’s come.  It’s amazing.   I am saving all the pictures of the process for a nice big post, but I just had to share a little bit today.

A friend brought this old wood stove over for her.  It had a good life but for the last good while, it had been sitting in his barn and just sort of doing what cast iron does best.   Rust.  And just kind of decay.   It had a busted leg, and just needed some TLC and soon!

Since Maggie doesn’t have heat out there, aside from a kerosene heater, she really needed something to give her a bit more consistent heat to work with.   She is a wood worker and a maker, crafter and dabbler.   We are so excited for her to have this awesome space and with the cold, the child needs heat!

She spent a few hours working on the stove with a stiff wire brush and determination.   And then a five dollar can of high temperature stove paint and MY GOSH…. how lovely it looks!!!

new old stove

Just about brand new!  It has all the parts, just needed some attention!   Tomorrow, we are going to install the pipe and get her going!  A proper glowing flame in the belly and this old girl is going back to work.   Maggie can’t wait to have a little fire going with a pot of hot water on the top and her lunch warming as she works!

I think we won’t be seeing a whole lot of Maggie once she has heat in her gal cave!   It’s pretty darn cool in there already…  just wait till she has a week of time and warmth to be able to work comfortably!!!


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