Our Easter Sunday…



Awwwwwww…. Isn’t that just the cutest little thing you’ve ever seen?  Little Jelly Bean with his mommie, Daisy, sitting in the Easter Sunday sunshine!    We let them out into the paddock for a little sunshine and fresh air since it seemed like they were doing pretty good at the bonding thing.

All the other hoofed creatures were so interested in the new little prince.   He trotted around with his mom, looking here and there and pretty much getting tuckered out pretty quickly.  It’s a lot of work to run along with the big moms on your second day of life!



We let the main gang out in the middle yard for a wee bit of grazing.  The grass is a little on the sparse side at the moment still.  Last year, the gang overgrazed the area just a wee too big because of the weed patch being unfenced.  But this year, it’s all set, so we can let them out there soon…  but it’s under water still!

Anyway…  they sure enjoyed a chance to run around and graze on some nice tender young green grass!   Happy Days!!!




We had a nice day at home, just laid back and with a nice ham and fixings.  Ham courtesy of our hog Oscar…  smoked by our Amish butcher.   Pretty darn good, let me tell you.  We spent the rest of the day just taking it easy, picking up the yard a bit and having a nice bonfire.

And of course, playing with this super cute little goatling!!!!

Oh my gosh, he is sooo adorable!!!   Just what I hoped for.

Part of our mad plan with getting a pair of dairy goats was that I wanted their babies to be very salable as pets.  And as fiber animals.  Rather than just leftovers for the stock barn and the processors.    If you’re breeding fancy purebred milking goats, then, you have a bit of a market for the doelings for sure, but still, most of the bucks end up in freezer camp…   and that would make me sad.

So, my breeding my two milk does to a pygora and angora buck…   we get these adorable half breeds that hopefully will take after their sires!   And so far, so good….  Jelly Bean is covered in beautiful little pygora curls!!!  Yeah!!!  And he’s so stinking cute… oh my gosh.   Already, half a dozen people want him and we have to check visitor’s coats to make sure they are not smuggling him out!







So, all in all, it was a beautiful day and everyone was enjoying the nice sunshine and slightly warm weather!   Overall, it’s been a rather cold spring, but after that 150 year record breaking winter, I’m not surprised that we would have a rather unpleasant spring!!!    So we will take any nice days that come along….

Harley, the ram and Dreamy, the buck are becoming odd fellows in a bromance of late.   They really just have bonded and you can see them hanging out and doing things together.  It’s kind of fun to see evolve.    Everyone needs a friend, don’t you think?


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Our Easter Sunday… — 2 Comments

  1. Just love the curly hair (fur?) Such a cute addition. Your daughters are amazing girls as are you. I love your blog and life…

  2. Sounds like it was the perfect day!!!!!!!! :)