Prince Jelly Bean is Born!

If you are a Facebook follower of the homestead, then you are already hip to our first little princeling born here at Windhaven…

However, if not…  please let us introduce the first goat born here at our homestead!  Little Jelly Bean!  Born the day before Easter to Miss Daisy and Mr. Dreamweaver. Jelly Bean is just the cutest little thing around!    We all love him.

He is so darn cute with his little pygora goat curls all over him.   We hope he matures to a beautiful fiber animal and that we can keep him here forever!   He was certainly won the hearts of many…

Enjoy the pictures of his birth and his first day!

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Prince Jelly Bean is Born! — 3 Comments

  1. Little Jelly Bean is a total doll. He is so lucky to have been born a member of the Windhaven Farm Hoof family. I cannot wait for my friends and me to make our pilgrimage to your neck of the woods. We are soon going to mine for crystals, and when we come, I will bring your girls some samples of our quartz, crystals, and a few other wonderful minerals and rocks that are found in AR.