Everybody Loves Baron…


Baron Kitty is always wandering about on the farm with us.  He’s our favorite little barn kitty boy…  Unfortunately, so does everyone else in the barnyard!     Jessy caught a few pictures of everyone bothering poor kitty boy!

Our little piggy Ebony was interested in the kitty… and he’s like.. “OH MY GOSH the pig is loose!!!!  RUN RUN RUN!!!!”

(I’ll post more about our pig soon!!!)  ((She’s awesome!))


“Hmm….  if I stare at it intensely…  it will go away… ”


“Go away little ram lamb…  you annoy me….”



“I SAID SCRAM!!!!   Back off Jack!!!!”



“Oh great…. goatie slobber kisses…. can’t a guy sit with his human girl without all you annoying farm animals getting involved?”



“Dudes, please…. personal space!”


DSC_0624“Geez…. don’t you have others of your own kind to sniff???   Pleeeeeze…..”


Hahaha….. poor Baron.  Everyone loves him!  He just can’t get any peace and quiet here on the farm without someone chasing or sniffing or following him around.  It’s just his job….



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