The Photo E-Book is DONE!!!!

It’s finally done!

All the writing, and photography, graphics, proofreading, editing and more.

All done and ready for folks to take a gander at and enjoy!

A small donation to our fencing fund will get you this lovely 104 page e-book with tales of our various critters and most importantly, a portfolio collection of photography over the last year by my dear daughter, Jessica! (Okay, a few by good old Mom, too!)

All proceeds will help us to finish the last 600 feet of fencing that we need to make the entire property usable and safe for our beloved little friends.

CLICK HERE to visit the e-book information and order page.

We so appreciate everyone that might be able to help out a wee bit, and even if you can’t, that’s perfectly fine… in fact, we just ask that you send some good thoughts out way to help the positive feeling of our little Fence-A-Palooza event going forward!

It’s such an amazing blessing how already, even before the book was finished, people have been catching the wind of need and such wonderful things have been happening! We’ve already gotten 300 feet done, through great deals, free fencing and just weird occurrences! (Like finding a roll of fence way in the back buried under years of weeds!!!) Each little step gets us towards a goal that gives the little Windhaven flock the maximum of rotational grazing as well as safe harbor from the outside world.

If you’ve enjoyed this blog and all of our adventures (and misadventures!) and would like to be a part of the final fencing countdown… then your donation to the cause will be super wonderful! And you will have our heartfelt thanks and gratitude as well as a super nice full color photo e-book! We might even get a few of the best shots available as screen saver downloads if you’d like, with our thanks!

A 330 foot roll of field fence costs $160. Posts needed, about $100. And two gates, $90. We’re hoping to work towards getting this all done before the snow flies! I’m sure we’ll make it. We’re using all our windfall earnings as well, just with our own company sales, photo shoots, crafts, eggs and such. And I’m sure that good things will keep happening, little special blessings along the way!

And most certainly… all the hoofies here at Windhaven would shake a leg with a whinny of heartfelt thanks when they hit those luscious pastures of green, just waiting for them!!!

Most sincerely….. Sherri, Jessy and Maggie!!!


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The Photo E-Book is DONE!!!! — 7 Comments

  1. Hi Sherri and Girls– zoooooooom! Just as fast as I could log into Paypal, I placed my order for the exciting new e-book! Good luck with TONZ of orders!

    Your fan in NW IL,
    Suzanne & Kevin

    • Thank you guys! I hope that it helps us a wee bit to get at least one of the pastures fenced in… you can see the difference in the grazed area and non-grazed! But I can’t let them out or worry about loosing them! Soon… hopefully next week we can get that area fenced in! We’ll see how it all goes!


  2. Just a little note… we found a glitch in the shopping cart… if you added the ebook to it, and then went back to the site before purchasing… and then clicked again, it would add in two books to your total!!! Oh my gosh! Stupid computers…

    We went in and changed the format of the button, and it’s working fine now.



  3. Hi Sherri :) When/where do we download our e-books we ordered? I’m excited to flip thru it :)

  4. Hopefully tomorrow things will settle down enough for me to sit dow ad get my ebook ordered. I am really looking forward to it.
    We finally got some rain here. Woo-hoo. Alittle too late but another inch today so atleast the drought has broken. I will never ever for as long as I live, will I ever complain about a rainy day. lol Never realized it could really go so long without raining. Blessing to you ad yours, see ay tomorrow.