Meet Momo and Tora…

I am happy to report that Jessy has not given up her dream to have her rabbitry.

She has purchased two sweet little pedigreed French Angora does… a pair of sisters.  Just eight weeks old, and sweet and can be.  It will be quite a while before they will be helping out with babies of their own, but in the meanwhile, she has her plans in the works.  She might be getting an older doe soon, also pedigreed.

Momo is the white one, with the calico splotches… and Tora is the dark blue one.  Beautiful bunnies for sure!  They are settling in and are doing just nicely for sure.

Sophie bunny welcomes the two new little sisters to the hutch.  Sophie is the baby from Grizelda that Jessy is keeping because of her beautiful black and grey coloring.   She is a French and English cross Angora.

I’m so glad that Jessy has decided to continue on, after the two does she had plans with passed away so suddenly.  It was very hard but just something that happens.  One was elderly and one was an unknown/accidental situation.  It’s why breeding animals for big profit is really not the thing…  it can take you years to establish your rabbitry and to get the right animals at the right ages and all.  Hardly something you do just for cash.  It’s something you love.  And Jessy’s bunnies are super nice, sweet and calm because she takes a lot of time with them.

And the babies are just so darn adorable!  And the fiber!  oh my… haha…  don’t get me going on the beautiful angora wool!

It’s a good thing…


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Meet Momo and Tora… — 2 Comments

  1. Oh they’re adorable. They look like a mis-matched pair of bedrooms slippers sitting there side by side like that!