Pretty Kitty Eyes


This is Luna, one of our homestead livestock…  in a pensive mood and wondering why I have the camera SO close… why it’s to get a picture of her to-die-for emerald eyes….


Here she is taking a little can nap on my bed.   She looks so happy and content.   She is one pleasant kitty, no doubt.


She’s wondering why I am sitting there looking at her with a camera in my hand…  she is such a little camera hog… she loves to get her picture taken.  Dixie is not that into the camera, but then, well, she’s a basket case kitty for the most part.


Luna just poses and turns and peeks up at you with her cute little come hither kitty poses.  She’s a hoot.


Eventually she gets a little ticked when you start invading her personal space.


But it’s so worth it to see those beautiful eyes….

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