Bucka Roo Art…

I was just fooling around with PhotoShop and I just love this picture of Bucka that Jessy shot… isn’t it cool how it looks like an illustration? This would make a cool greeting card or note card… do people still send note cards? (haha)

Well, we had a very exciting night… but it started with a very good deal on Craigslist… I just happened to see a fellow selling a Nikon D70 camera and TWO lenses for $120. Yep. The camera worked but for some reason would not save the picture shot to the data card. So they were basically giving you the camera for free and then selling the two lenses dirt cheap! These are nice Sigma lenses… easily $200 each PLUS the camera! Well, Jessy was pretty excited because her nice Nikon D80 had recently had something go wrong with her lens and she was borrowing MINE all the time, because a new lens was pretty expensive!!!

So now, she has two lenses and a camera that after some research we discovered might simply be an issue that it doesn’t recognize NEWER cards! We might be able to just find an older card and it will work fine! Pretty nifty, eh???

Needless to say, she is pretty darn excited… Worse comes to worse? She got two nice lenses for one cheap price! One is a super nice 300mm telephoto/macro! I would expect to see some pretty fancy stuff coming outta that kid’s camera sooner than later!!

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Bucka Roo Art… — 1 Comment

  1. Holy Moley. The picture is stunning. I hadn
    t seen it on here. Good Job jessy