1st Poultry & Plant Swap at the Farm…

Last Sunday, our homesteading clan had it’s first official gathering here at the farm!

It was a lovely day… and we had all sorts of goodies ready to swap and sell. We had a few homesteading books… some plants, rocks and some cool bags I made from feed sacks! And of course, bunnies!!!

We didn’t have many chickens for the swap, we’re a bit low on selling birds at the moment. We did end up selling a pair of hens to a friend but that was prearranged and already in the works.

J & J brought some neat Indian runner ducks and some bantys and roos. Others brought hens and pullets and we had a nice selection of poultry available for swapping.

Of course, our resident sign maker Maggie got to work on a quick sign for the road… she plans to upgrade it for the next swap!

Our friend Kelly brought a wonderful display of plants! We are happy to say that we have many of her babies to plant in our garden! And she took home two of our hens for a friend!

Cody Pony got trotted out for girl child beauty salon fun and he adored every moment of it. By the time they were done, he was all braids up and down his mane! And of course, just the happiest pony around from all the hugs and pets and good scratching. He is such a good pony around people, just gentle as can be. He has SO learned that being a good boy means TONS of good attention, treats and loving.

Maggie had mowed down the west front pasture so we had plenty of room for everyone to pull up a car, truck or van and sell and swap out of the backs. Most ended up setting up in the shady areas.

Jessy brought out her bunnies for sale and their momma and then in no time she had a lovely group of youngsters all playing with them and plucking wool and finger spinning it! She was giving classes in wool gathering!!!

We gave out several of our deluxe 50 cent farm tours and everyone loved the baby pigs for sure! They are so adorable right now and bottle feeding the gang was a real hit for sure. I love having kids here at the homestead. It’s such a perfect match! I wish that we can have kids visit often because it’s just such a natural match.
After awhile, Jessy brought out some sheep wool and the hand carders and was showing the kids how to card wool! I’m not sure but I see workshops and classes starting up at the homestead eventually… what about you? Jessy is an awesome teacher, she’s calm and patient with little people.

I made a great trade with this neat young man Braden, he is a turkey and chicken whisperer! He loves poultry and he recently got a nice young turkey jake and was hoping to find a turkey girl for him. When he saw my lovely Turkey Girl he was ready to swap and trade. At one point he wanted to bring his turkey boy over for m girl but then I thought, naw, how about we swap and so he traded me a bunch of 8 little Black Star pullets for our lovely TG. I am saying goodbye to her and I know she went to an awesome home! Braden and his dad are awesome homesteaders too and we are sure to be good friends. He really would like to get one of Jessy’s bunny babies and I believe we might be doing a deal soon on the lovely little gray doe that is left.

My chicken whispering kid was pleased with the swap. She has more turkeys coming up in the ranks and we needed a few more pullets for sure! The little Black Stars are so cute, they are very tame and follow her all over in the lil’ coop and yard!

I was gifted with a lovely pair of Mille Flueur banty rooster brothers! My friends Chris and Kelly got a batch of banty chicks and these two were in the bunch. They live in the city and can’t keep roosters, so they asked if they could come live on the farm! Of course! I adore Mille Fleurs! I am calling them Parsley and Sage… okay, herbs instead of flowers, but I couldn’t think of any really manly flower names! haha… I think I want to build a little fairy tale, fantasy Medieval chicken coop for them… all the banties can go in there!!! It’s a goal of mine… we’ll see how I can make it happen!

In the end, it was such a wonderful day! We had probably 15 or so people come and we ended up in lawn chairs under the shade tree, drinking lemonade and just chatting away, visiting and laughing and learning. We agreed that we need to do this monthly and so we have made plans for our June swap! It was just a wonderful Sunday afternoon at the homestead with friends!!! So nice!!!

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1st Poultry & Plant Swap at the Farm… — 2 Comments

  1. The swapping part was fun :-) but…..I loved getting the chance to meet new people with like ideas and new ideas to share too.