Just a quick note… but Cody is HOME!

A family woke to find a dirty little tuckered out pony on their front yard, standing and dozing next to their satellite dish.

They called their neighbor and thankfully, it was one that we had talked to when searching and left a number.

I dashed over there, about 2 or so miles away, and had a bucket of sweet feed and a halter and lead but I think I wouldn’t have needed them, he was SO happy to see me.

I ended up walking him all the way home!!!  My neighbors came and got Blue, and for a little while I sat in the back of the wagon and we slowly walked him down the back road, but then he was getting tired, so i just got out and walked him the rest of the way.

We stopped at the neighbors farm (they are about a half a mile from us) and took a little break.  He was SO needy, and just standing so close to me.  While we were walking, he was whinneying and nickering and bumping me and just nuzzling and touching… it was so sweet.  I’m sure he was really upset at being out all night, he hates that.

At their house, I sat on their swing and he was nearly in my lap, just being close as I talked and pet him and scratched all the good places and such.  He is such a sweet natured guy.  Miss Julia brought me a wonderful mug of hot chocolate (it’s like 40 degrees and raining….)  and a couple powdered donuts of which Cody ate one and tried to nibble mine!    It started to sleet so we went inside the barn sale and I’ll be darned if that pony didn’t walk right up the stairs into the barn after me without hardly a moment’s hesitation.  He just didn’t want to be separated again.

We had to walk a mile down Rt 20 which is fairly busy and all and he was good as gold.  Never once flinched or shied.  Even as the semis went by… He was just as content as he could be.

Well, if you will excuse me…  everyone is safe and in warm barns out of the cold and rain, and I think I need to get a little happy cry out of the way and take a little nap.  I have to play music tonight at the Flat Rock Eagles club in Michigan and I am just tuckered out already!!!

Thank you all for the good wishes and prayers… everyone has been so nice and helpful…

Sherri and Cody….

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CODY IS HOME!!!! — 5 Comments

  1. Good. I think we all know that terrible sick feeling of having an animal gone missing. Glad that you were able to find him and then he was uninjured. These things seem to take years off our lives huh?

  2. I didn’t know about this until it was over, but I’m so glad you found him and that he’s home safe again.

  3. How wonderful. What a sweet feeling of relief for you and the girls to have found him!!! Thank you for letting us know. Hope you got some rest today. I’m sure it was a long, hard night for you.

  4. I woke up this morning wondering if Cody came home during the night.
    I’m so happy you found him and he’s back safe in his barn!